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Fallout Wasteland Warfare RPG

Fallout Wasteland Warfare RPG

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About the Project

My gaming groups continuing adventures in the wasteland of the Commonwealth! Set 20 or so years before the events of Fallout 4 my players are survivors of vault 75 under Malden elementary school, they were raised to be "Up Top Heroes" by the scientists and staff only to find out they were part of genetic experiments to create the perfect human thru gene modification. They escaped just as the shadowy Institute attacked the Vault looking for data to improve their Synth research. Over the next 5 years they have established a small farming community with the other Survivors of Vault 75 and now struggle to survive the 'Wealth

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Session Two

Tutoring 1
Skill 3
Idea 3
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Session two kicked off where session one ended, our Heroes loading their Jeep while an unknown group came over a hill towards them.

Choosing to hurry up and bug out with their spoils from the water and power building the incoming force revealed itself to be hostile and started firing at them.

The heroes peeled out with Sam our intrepid pilot/sniper proceeding as quickly as possible to put distance between them and began weaving between the abandoned cars and pot holes on the road out of town.

Unfortunately Sam was not as good a pilot as the team would like and failed her check while escaping.  Also she was not as good a mechanic and when checking over the vehicle the previous day after driving it cross country had failed to detect damage to the gear box.  As the jeep slammed down into a pot hole the gear box took a fatal strike and the engine began to loose power.

Realizing they did not have enough distance from the pursuing forces the party managed to pull off and begin to setup to repel the enemy forces.

Allowing the team to setup to prepare for them to arrive our sniper ducked into a nearby building for cover, the chemist took cover behind a vehicle, and our Soldier moved up next to a prewar frozen desert stand.

The two forces collided with bullets flying back and forth the soldier moved up to engage the raider forces in hand to hand with his super sledge.

Unfortunately some stray rounds hit one of the abandoned vehicles showing my players that we were in fact using the exploding car rules.

Session One

Tutoring 3
Skill 3
Idea 4
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Our first real session since our escape from the vault intro scenario started with the players taking stock of their settlement. While their farm is producing enough food for their people water is an issue.  In addition Gas stores are low to keep their generators and salvaged Jeep running and as new survivors have joined the genetically altered survivors the need for a real Medic has become much more important.

The group decided to head off towards the nearby town of Concord having heard a rumor that the Water and Power offices may have plans and components to build a purification system for the settlement.

Taking the settlements Jeep so they can load up on supplies they followed the broken roads thru the wilderness towards town, as they approached a bridge over deep water they noticed that the bridge seemed unstable.  After dismounting and determining that the bridge supports had been weakened enough that any vehicle or Brahmin caravan crossing it would cause a collapse.

As they inspected the area the groups sniper noticed the glint of far off glass, possible a scope or binoculars?  Deciding not to risk the bridge they backed off from the area to avoid anyone spying on them and took to the wilderness.  Several failed piloting checks later, resulting in dumping a passenger off after hitting a pot hole and having to manually get the vehicle out of the water while trying to ford the river, they finally approached Concord!

Session One

With the time wasted going cross country the day was drawing to a close so the players decided to hold up in one of the houses on the outskirts of town.  After securing the building the team sniper (also the team scout) stealthed into town, finding no sign of any other people he located the Water and Power building off main street and headed back.

As he reported in to the rest of the team the night air was shattered by a far off roar of some giant beast, unable to identify the creature they spent a tense hour on alert before breaking down into shifts to rest for the coming day.

Into Concord!

Still on their toes from last nights scare the team moved into Concord proper and their goal.  A quick lock pick check from their resident brain the Chem maker and they began tossing the offices, hacking into the computer in the managers office they found the plans they were looking for as well as inventory lists for the parts they would need from the warehouse in the back.

Proceeding into the dimly lit warehouse the group started to fan out as suddenly a horde of Radroaches swarmed out from the stacks of crates as their nests were disturbed.

The enemy consisted of 4 regular swarms and 2 glowing swarms, as the players confidently moved in their feeling of security in their upgraded physical armor quickly evaporated as the radiation damage from the mutated roaches bypassed it to quickly begin reducing the teams health.

Session One

The team rallied after the initial shock and was able to clear the roaches and begin searching the warehouse proper, disarming a few traps and locked crates/computers along the way they were surprised as they disturbed a hidden Radscorpion!  It burst out of a crate it had been nesting in and quickly inflicted bleeding strikes on the teams Tank who was able to recover and finish it off with his super sledge.  A quick medic check later to bandage up the bleed and the team looted the last of the parts and was able to find even more plans for a large water filter unit to upgrade the ones they had for a regular one.

Session One

As they lugged all of the parts back to the jeep and began loading up the sniper who was on watch noticed several figures coming over the of a hill, will they be friends?  Scavengers?  Raiders?  Ghouls?

They’ll find out next time….

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