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Jovian Wars

Jovian Wars

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About the Project

As part of being in the Pod Squad (Dream Pod 9's demo and promotion team), myself and Richard from Shiny Games are trying to ramp up for demos of their new edition of Jovian Chronicles wargames miniatures. The game focuses on Space based combat between nations within the solar system. There is no FTL so colonies are huge stations that orbit planets and moons in the solar system. The Jovian Confederation is one of the Major players and have maintained an uneasy state of cold war with CEGA (Central Earth Government Administration). Recent events have escalated the situation to outright conflict and several small engagements have been fought. The game takes place at the outset of this. It is a Hard Sci-Fi game, where gravity is created through centrifugal force on most ships. Or acceleration like in The Expanse. Weapons are predominantly Rail Gun like Kenetic Kill Cannons and Missiles. There are some Particle weapons though these are rare and hard to maintain. Fighters exist and a widely used by all nations (the 2 main and the smaller nations) though the majority of this style combat has been taken over by Combat Mecha. Anyone who is familiar with the Gundam Anime series will notice immediately where this game gets it's pedigree. If you are interested, the rules are free from Wargames Vault

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More Ships and Battlegroups

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Finally managed to get back to painting some more beautiful ships fromthe Dream Pod 9 Jovian Wars line. I still have one more Carrier and 14 stands of Fighters to complete but I am well on the way to finishing these guys up.

Painted using primarily Vallejo colours it is the first time I have used my new Army Painter wet palette. I used the Privateer Press P3 one years ago but found it to be questionable quality wise. The Army Painter one however I cannot recommend enough. Great product and well worth the price tag.

More to follow and soon I should have an expansion to both fleets and maybe even a start to the 3rd faction, Venus. Very unusual ships and will be even more interesting to paint as each ship has its own livery.

CEGA assault BattlegroupCEGA assault Battlegroup
Jovian Confederation Carrier GroupJovian Confederation Carrier Group
CEGA Wyvern and Syreen Exo SuitsCEGA Wyvern and Syreen Exo Suits
Jovian Confederation Pathfinder and Pathfinder Recon Exo SuitsJovian Confederation Pathfinder and Pathfinder Recon Exo Suits

First Finished ships

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First up, the 3 finished hulls for the demo games.

The JSS Valley Forge. Ypres Class Battleship of the Jovian Confederation.

An absolute beast of a ship. Missiles, KKC’s (Kinetic Kill Cannon) a single particle cannon and optional Particle Cannon turrets on the habitat ring.

No real capability as a carrier, this ship is designed to destroy enemy targets through weight of fire. The habitat ring is large enough to allow the crew to operate in relative comfort for extended service throughout the Solar System need of resupply.

First Finished ships

JSS Illustrious Magestic Class Fleet Carrier.

Relatively lightly armed compared to the Ypres, she still has 4 KKC turrets and missile batteries. This is not the core of her power however, The Majestic Class carrier has an extensive hanger capacity and launch capability. The 10 Launch rails allow Fighters and Mecha to be shot into space ahead of the Magestic to conduct missions ahead of the fleet or to simply screen enemy small craft.

First Finished ships
First Finished ships

The CSS Narwal, Narwal Class Bombardment Cruiser

The first completed CEGA ship is the Missile Cruiser Narwal. First of it’s class and dedicated to the use of missiles and torpedoes to strike targets at extreme range. She has a pair of KKC turrets for further Anti Shipping combat and a pair of flanking launch rails for the single flight assigned on board.

You will note that unlike the Jovian Ships, the stowage section has containers from a wide variety of suppliers. CEGA’n contracts allow for a much wider variety of suppliers and thus all stamp their identity on the containers that are used for stowage on CEGA ships.

First Finished ships
First Finished ships

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