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While on the Path of Conquest

While on the Path of Conquest

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About the Project

Inspired by #PathofConquest I'll be following along, albeit slowly.

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More reinforcements!

Tutoring 1
Skill 1
Idea 2
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Second box of reinforcement arrived from th OnTableTop Store!

More reinforcements!

The Household Guard look so cool! And I need another boxs to make a unit of Gilded Legion too!

More reinforcements!

And the big box! It means a second Noble Lord, but I can probably use it for conversions in the future.

But! Do I build a unit of Militia and a unit of Militia Archers, or double of any of them? I’m leaning towards a double Militia unit.

And what about command.. Choices!

More reinforcements!

I forgot to mention the cards! The magic cards have such cool art on the back. Really shows the magic effects.

I have a doctors appointment scheduled for tomorrow, the cast is coming of, and I should be able to paint again! I’m looking forward to it.

Leadership arriving!

Tutoring 3
Skill 3
Idea 3

I got one of two boxes from the OnTableTop store today!

The box design is really good!The box design is really good!
Neatly packed thingNeatly packed thing
I honestly thought I honestly thought "oh, wow" when I got the bubble wrap off
Drillmaster, Imperial Officer and Theist PriestDrillmaster, Imperial Officer and Theist Priest
Chapter MageChapter Mage
Seasoned VeteranSeasoned Veteran

I am very impressed with the quality of the product. The boxes have nice design, and a good size. Large enough to fit what’s inside, but also looks good on a shelf.

The casting of the miniatures is sharp and pretty much flawless. Apart from a few pour gates there was nothing really to prepp on these. I think they’re the best resins I’ve seen.

The Conquest Companion looked and felt really nice too, looking forward to sitting down with the book.

I also primed the Men-at-Arms and Knights today! Progress!


Tutoring 4
Skill 4
Idea 4
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I have knocked over these trays so many times now.. I want to add some weight and staying power. Magnets! I’ve seen the way @warzan did his. I’m taking another approach.

I have a gamerfriend that is a … blikkenslager … he works with metal sheeting for roofs etc. I’ll have him make me some 6x6cm sheets that I’ll glue underneath the trays. Then I’ll plopp down a magnet under the minis bases, a 2mm thick magnet fits nicely.

Magnet with super glueMagnet with super glue
Put the magnet on, and add a droplet of super glue activatorPut the magnet on, and add a droplet of super glue activator
Working awayWorking away

Sorry about the photos. It’s hard to take when I need both hands, and even more so when I have my hand in cast still..

I’ll update as soon as I have the metal sheets.

Managed some building!

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 3
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I managed to place my clippers in the hand with the cast and spun the sprue around with the other hand! I had 24 Men-at-Arms, 2 Household Knights and a Mounted Noble Lord to build.

Making sure each mini is uniqueMaking sure each mini is unique
All built up!All built up!
The Noble Lord with his KnightsThe Noble Lord with his Knights

And I have reinforcements coming in from the OnTableTop store, should arrive tomorrow!


Tutoring 9
Skill 13
Idea 12

The reason I’m going for the Hundred Kingdoms is the looks for sure. Armor and fighting men all around, what’s not to like? And the great lore adds to it as well, and really allow you to make your own color scheme and get creative!

I have previously painted two models from my collection (which is a half core box and a Noble Lord).

It was the #ColorsofConquest in March the promted me to paint my first Household Knight.


I wanted a dirty, muddy, in battle look. I think I saw ‘The King’ on Netflix right before. The colors and heraldry was pulled straight from MCDM’s live roleplay ‘The Chain’, a really cool mercenary company. (The model actually won the March #ColorsofConquest, I got a fiery Dweghom and a Red Grass painting handle as a price).

I am for sure keeping the muddy battlefield look, I love that. I’m not sure about keeping the overall theme though. I’m not making ‘The Chain’, but I’m considering making my unit of mercenary crossbowmen a ‘Chain’ unit. So a knight with his crossbowmen have joined my army.

The second miniature I painted was Noble Lord I picked up from the OTT store for April’s #ColorsofConquest.


I kept the golden armour from the studio paint job, and gave him the same muddy works. I also like red, so I put that on the scabbard to have some more color on there.

I think I will keep red and black as the army colors, but have some variations to placement and what heraldry I use.

I also want to keep the black armor look. Imagine a unit of Steel Legion with black armor and shiny silver swords!

I think all my knights will be different, and have their color dictate some of the units. The Lord calls his knights to battle with their respective units.

I’m still not through the rules and have a full understanding on list building, but there will be a lot of units.

What do you think?

Starting on the Path of Conquest

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Skill 1
Idea 8
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The slow grow league is really inspiring! I really want to paint up the remainder off” the starter set I have, and get some more units and games in.

But I had surgery on my right hand wrist (my painting hand). So I’m two weeks in with a cast on, with four more to go..

However, I can read up on the rules, theorycraft and plan my next units!

Oh, and figure out a scheme for my army, the hundred kingdoms!

Starting on the Path of Conquest