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Red Rocket 3D Printed Spring Clean

Red Rocket 3D Printed Spring Clean

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About the Project

The return of my journey of printing painting and dressing the Modiphius Red Rocket 3D Garage and the ups and downs of using a 3D Printer.

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Putting it together: The Walls

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Having printed all the main building walls, I have now assembled them.

Putting it together: The Walls

I also had a had a few issues with printing the second of the two support girder sections (for the Canopy roof) click here for what had happened .

After taking my own advice on printing the roof sections in two parts, I realised I could do the same with the problem girder section.

And here are the results.

Putting it together: The Walls

And there it is, problem solved.

Next post will finish of the roof sections I had not yet shown.

Thanks for looking in and I’ll catch you all soon.

And I'm back

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Last year I started a project for my 3D printed Red Rocket.

Due to non hobby related issues it petered out and I stopped.

This Spring clean challenge has given me the push to get back on to it.

If you want to catch up here is a link to where I had gotten up to.

Over the next few weeks I will be adding the remaining prints I had done as well as the new, prints and constructing and painting the model (it is enormous!). As well as adding some more 3D printed Fences, furniture and buildings.

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