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Alpha Strike Mercenary Company

Alpha Strike Mercenary Company

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Project Blog by templar5836 Cult of Games Member

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About the Project

I have been working on 3D printing and painting up a mercenary company for Battletech Alpha Strike.

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The Desert Wolves

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Skill 9
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I decided I little too late in the project to show the beginning of it all, but I will try to document as much if it as possible. I have been playing Alpha Strike since the beginning of the “event” when I found myself with lots of time to hunt for and print battletech STL files. At the beginning I just printed random mechs and painted them random colors so I would have a bunch of mechs to help rope some players into the system. Recently though I have started to build a dedicated mercenary company for myself named “The Desert Wolves”. These are all made up of models I found on and the polygon masterworks Patreon. The paint jobs are quick and dirty by my standards, just contrast paints and an off white dry brush (brain matter beige) a technique I stole from someone in the OTT community who’s name I can’t recall. It work great saves time trying to edge highlight.

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