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The Night Folk & Whimsical Things of that Nature Generally

The Night Folk & Whimsical Things of that Nature Generally

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About the Project

Northumbrian Tin Soldier recently opened a shop within walking distance from my house so for the past few weeks I’ve popped in several times and bought a few of their Night Folk range of models. To start with the project will cover my painting and growing collection of these models but will probably end up covering models from other places the will fit in with the theme. When I got my first few miniatures I didn’t have in mind a game to play them but since I’ve aimed at a warband for Frostgrave, although it won’t be exclusive to that game.

This Project is Active

I Have A Working Warband

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Skill 6
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The Sisters

The Frostgrave WarbandThe Frostgrave Warband

Eating A Fairy & Some Surprise Christmas Cheer

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Toad Catching a Fairy

Old Grimblesnacht

I thought I’d show off this Moonstone miniature I’ve just finished. I got it late last year and I promised myself I’d get it painted up in time for this Christmas as it comes with a special Christmas themed scenario for Moonstone which can be downloaded as a pdf.


A Brutish Update

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The Brute

The Range

Angry Hedgehog

What I’ve painted So Far

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The Warlock

The Creep

A Jousting Gnome on a Toad.

The Auld Hag

The Sentinel

The Slicer

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