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Northumbrian Tin Soldier

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4 New Warcry Boxed Sets & Epic Age Of Sigmar Heroes; Which Would You Choose? + WIN Bill & Ted’s Riff In Time #Weekender

10 hours ago 16

This week on the OTT Weekender! We check out new Warcry and Warhammer Underworlds options for Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar AND we give away Bill & Ted's Riff In Time!

Meet The Gnomes Of Agaldurs Keep On Kickstarter Soon!


Northumbrian Tin Soldier have another very unique looking Kickstarter for those who want something whimsical and Fantastical this week. Have a peek at The Gnomes Of Agaldurs Keep!

Cast Spells With Tin Soldier’s Creepy Anderson Sisters


Northumbrian Tin Soldier has released a new set of miniatures in time for the Halloween period.

The Cats Of Crumpton Jump Forth From Northumbrian Tin Soldier


Last year in more normal times Northumbrian Tin Soldier ran a Kickstarter for the totally reasonable idea of creating a set of cat people to replace the classes of  D&D 5th edition. Thus was born the Curious Case of the Cats of Crumptown. Now this majestic collection of feline fighters is finally available for all your tabletop needs.

Weekender: WIN Two-Player Mythos Bundle + Infinity CodeOne, All You Need To Know!


Today on The Weekender! We discuss everything you need to know about Infinity CodeOne from Corvus Belli, check out the quirky range from Northumbrian Tin Soldier and explore The Defence Of Procyon III on Kickstarter!

New Bearded Folk Join Northumbrian Tin Soldier’s Warband


Northumbrian Tin Soldier keep nudging me back to the Dwarven side of things with their releases.

Weekender: Dive Into Infinity Defiance Week & Epic 2nd Dynasty Spaceships!


We're talking about awesome Sci-Fi dungeon crawlers, some epic 3D Printing Kickstarter goodness and more today.

Northumbrian’s Cats Of Crumptown Run Rampant On Kickstarter


Northumbrian Tin Soldier are now live on Kickstarter with their campaign for The Curious Case Of The Cats Of Crumptown.

Northumbrian’s Catty Barbarian Gets A Lick Of Paint


Northumbrian Tin Soldier are closing in on their Kickstarter for the Cats Of Crumptown which looks to turn iconic D&D classes into adventurous felines.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier Let More Cats Out Of The Bag


Northumbrian Tin Soldier has been showing off more previews ahead of their Curious Cats Of Crumptown Kickstarter which is going live next week.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier Preview Their Curious Cats


Northumbrian Tin Soldier has been previewing a few more miniatures coming your way as part of The Curious Cats Of Crumptown Kickstarter which is going to be popping up towards the end of October.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier Gets Curious About Cats


If you've not come across them before the Northumbrian Tin Soldier company design some fantastically whimsical 28mm fantasy figures.

Odd Characters Pop Up From Northumbrian Tin Soldier


Northumbrian Tin Soldier always offer up a wonderfully quirky and characterful set of miniatures for use in your games.

Northumbrian Tin Soldier Call On Lothur Ogrebane


Northumbrian Tin Soldier has added another of their Beardfolk into the mix for those who like their Dwarves.

Make Sure Not To Anger Northumbrian’s Malfolio Ironbraid!


Northumbrian Tin Soldier has released another of their Beardfolk into the world, Malfolio 'The Hammer' Ironbraid.

Plan The Perfect Beardfolk Sneak Attack With Sultra Ironbow


Moving from place to place and calling no one place home. Ironbow has found her place amongst the Beardfolk of the Darkewood. Mistress of the bow, her enemies seldom know of her presence until it is too late...

Pre-Order Northumbrian Tin Soldier’s Riverbank Defenders!


Northumbrian Tin Soldier is going to be defending the wilderness with their awesome cast of characters which will be available on April 6th. Check out The Guardians Of The Riverbank.

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