Weekender: Dive Into Infinity Defiance Week & Epic 2nd Dynasty Spaceships!

November 2, 2019 by crew

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Come and join us for The Weekender as we dive into a whole bunch of Kickstarter projects and explore some of what makes Infinity: Defiance such an awesome game for some of us on the team.

Weekender: Dive Into Infinity Defiance Week & Epic 2nd Dynasty Spaceships!

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As always, we want you to get involved in the comments below and talk to us about what you liked from the show this week.

Infinity: Defiance Week

The Kickstarter campaign for Infinity: Defiance is still powering on and you can come and watch an entire week's worth of content on the game from us right HERE. Of course, you can also check out the Kickstarter project itself which has been busting through all sorts of stretch goals and add-ons.

We're really liking the look of this game and feel like it could well be the entry point into Infinity that most people have wanted, especially those of the more casual persuasion.

Flames Of War Global Campaign

We also talk more about the new Global Campaign for Flames Of War. The second phase of the campaign is going to be going live next Tuesday so you've still got time to push in and try and change the course of the war alongside the folks from Battlefront Miniatures.


Come and take a peek at some news items that we've snapped up from this week...

What do you make of the models that we've been showing off today?

2nd Dynasty's STL Spaceships

We get a chat with Ben from 2nd Dynasty who is on Kickstarter right now with his Starship IV Chimera project, a perfect ship for those who want to play out some epic Sci-Fi games like Core Space, Star Wars: Legion and beyond aboard it.

Come and take a peek at some of the awesome files that Ben has been showing off and the incredible detail he has got from the set.


We also have a peek at some more Kickstarter projects which also caught our eye...

Note: The Core Set for League Of Infamy is not Kickstarter Exclusive. This extends to only some of the expansions and add-ons. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

What do you make of these two projects and which one will you be backing?

Have a great weekend!

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