Unholy Mutations & Rabble-Rousers Find Their Way To Carnevale

October 23, 2019 by brennon

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TTCombat has been showing off some new releases for those playing Carnevale. Two new sets are going to be dropping at the end of the week and we start with some new options for the Rashaar with some Unholy Mutations!

Unholy Mutations - Carnevale

Inside this set, you get a couple of new figures for you to start using to customise your warband in-game. You will find two Hybrids, a new pose for the Lesser Ugdru and finally the Advanced Hybrids who look like they have been dragged right out of the script for a Hammer Horror film.

I really like this Cthulhuian element to the world of Carnevale and it's good to see lots more dynamic characters getting added into the mix. The miniatures you choose really are the stars of your games of Carnevale so having the extra effort being put into making them look action-packed is great.

Canal Carnage

As well as the forces of the Rashaar being boosted you will also be able to pick up some Rabble Rousers for The Guild as well on Friday.

Rabble - Carnevale

Leading the way we have a new Citizen which adds to the one available in the core starter set for the game. They are then flanked by two Recruiters who offer up extra attacks for the Citizen and also come armed with crossbows so they can be a pain from afar too.

The Arbalest also steps into the breach to do some fighting. She is an absolutely awesome looking miniature that I'd want simply as a character figure on her own. Long-range support is now much more of an option for your Guild forces.

Finally, we have the Gondolier who comes with that big bladed oar. He is an all-round good character with good damage and reach on his attacks allowing him to keep hordes of monsters at bay.

Do you reckon you'll be picking up these new sets?

"...it's good to see lots more dynamic characters getting added into the mix"

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