Northumbrian Tin Soldier Preview Their Curious Cats

October 8, 2019 by brennon

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Northumbrian Tin Soldier has been previewing a few more miniatures coming your way as part of The Curious Cats Of Crumptown Kickstarter which is going to be popping up towards the end of October.

Isabella - Northumbrian Tin Soldier

The idea behind the campaign is that it is going to give you character miniatures to use with games of Dungeons & Dragons, matched to the iconic classes from this classic roleplaying game. Of course, the twist is that the characters are all going to be furry friends...cats ahoy!

As well as Isabella above there was a preview for the gruff and weary-looking Sir Hector here too. One imagines that he is going to be a Fighter or perhaps even a Paladin.

Sir Hector - Northumbrian Tin Soldier

I love the fact that we're getting more quirky characters to use in our skirmish and roleplaying games. Northumbrian Tin Soldier also has a really distinct and quirky style to their sculpts which reminds me of old Saturday morning cartoons.

I could imagine painting these in some bright poppy colours and really going to town on the fur as well as the stylish clothing they are adorned in. I can't wait to see the other characters they have been working on nearer the launch of the Kickstarter.

What do you think of their sculpting style?

"What do you think of their sculpting style?"

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