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The Joy of Six 2022 Show Highlights

The Joy of Six 2022 Show Highlights

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About the Project

Highlights from the 2022 The Joy of Six Show, held at Sheffield Hallam University on 3rd July 2022

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Show Highlights

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An annual show dedicated to 6mm wargaming The Joy of Six is the most ‘local’ show to me, being only 10 minutes away but until now one I had sadly never attended. Once again this video is in the format of various highlights and clips taken through the day that you can watch at your own pace without commentary.

A fantastic day that really does highlight how epic 6mm wargaming is with a huge variety of games on offer as participation of demonstrations. While it may not be the biggest show there was a lively atmosphere and a very friendly feel to the whole event.

Highly recommended if you can make it in the future.

The final and longest chapter is for me the show highlight, the fantastic Battle of Imjin River game by Charles Rowntree, sadly I’d only got a quick glance of this at Partizan but at a smaller show I got chance to get a much more detailed look and see some of the gameplay of the Glorious stand of the Gloucester Regiment on Hill 235 and the amazing work done by Charles was offering a participation game based on a adaption of the All Hell Let Loose rules.

Anyone who hosted one of the fantastic games and would like a copy of the footage I captured please reach out and I’d be more than happy to send it over.

Joy of Six Website

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Somewhat hard to find the 2022 show and presumably 2023 shows website is the following

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