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Battle Reports by The Dace

Battle Reports by The Dace

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Review / Battle report Bloodfields by Titan Forge pt1

Tutoring 2
Skill 2
Idea 2
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At UKGE earlier in the year myself and a friend picked up a starter set each for Bloodfields by Titan Forge.

This is a small fantasy skirmish game with around 6 – 10 minis per side.

The rules are online here along with a dice generator that you can use in lieu of the custom dice that you need for the game.

There are lots of links to download stls of all the factions in the game at the website above but these can also buy the physical minis if you don’t have a 3d printer.

There is not much lore for the factions in this game as a result the rulebook is quite short but well set out and easy to read. The complexity in this game comes on the unit cards with the basic rules being quite simple.

Start by choosing a warband, a recommended points limit is 200 but there is no reason you can’t use a bit more or less.

There is the usual fare of scenarios for this game, capture objectives etc…. and a few of these are included in the rulebook.

This game uses unit cards which can also be downloaded for free. All the rules for any particular mini (or group of minis if support) are on these cards.

A playthrough and explanation of the game rules can be found here

On my next post will be a short battle report.



Firefight by Mantic 1000pts Forge fathers vs Enforcers

Tutoring 4
Skill 4
Idea 5
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This first Battle report pits my brave and stalwart Forge Fathers against the evil and oppressive Enforcers of my friend Sam.


This is our 2nd game of Firefight, with Sam deservedly winning the first.


The scenario is a capture the objective one with 4 objectives being placed in relatively central places across the table.

Each turn that you end controlling an objective with one of your units you will gain a victory point,  simple as that.




Above, is my list.

There is no thinking behind my list other than its all the Forge Fathers that I currently own.


I don’t have a copy of Sam’s list but from memory it was –

  • A Flier
  • 2 Units of 5 Assault Enforcers
  • 1 Unit of 5 Enforcer Operatives
  • 2 Jet Bikes
  • A Peacekeeper Captain with friend
  • Forward observer with Medic
  • A unit of 2 Peacekeepers

I think this is right, but it may well wrong.


Sam won the initiative and below is a picture of deployment.

Firefight deploymentFirefight deployment

Now, I didn’t take perhaps as many pics as I should have done to show the battle properly, non the less I will try and recount events to the best of my ability.

Firefight action shotFirefight action shot

I’ll go from left to right.

To the left 4 of my Rekkhyrr were taken out almost straight away by an enforcer squad, In return this Enforcer squad was taken down by Mining laser shots from both my Inferno drill and my Juggernaut.

My Inferno drill and Master Artificer both advanced to take control of objectives.

My Master artificer started to take fire from my opponents 2 Jet bikes and one of his bodyguard were felled.

The Inferno drill Pivoted to take careful aim at the flank of the jet bikes annndddd completely missed.

Dismayed at the drills complete failure to aim the remaining Rekkhyrr decided to leave the battlefield and go for a pint.

More towards the centre of the battlefield, the unit 0f 6 Forge guard steadily advanced forward, taking out, with a little help from the Master Artificer the remaining jet bike.

Hits were also scored on the unit of 2 Peacekeepers, Forward observer and Flier by my Forge Guard who suffered just one wound in return in what was a good game for them.

As we move towards the centre of the battlefield we come to the Juggernaut again.

I mentioned earlier that he had a part to play in the demise an Enforcer squad to the left. He then turned his attention to the Enforcer flier and a squad of Assault enforcers holding an objective the the far right of the board. A few hits were scored on each of these targets with 2 damage being received in return.

Later in the game the Juggernaut was engaged in close quarters by a unit of Assault enforcers but he won this combat and held firm.

Again moving right from the Juggernaut was my unit of 5 Steel warriors. The missile launcher within this unit was very effective at both damaging and (I think) more importantly pinning Sam’s Flier.

The rest of this squad peppered fire into the Assault enforcers in front and to the right causing 1 or 2 casualties  for 2 casualties in return.

This leaves my Chief Borkkr with bodyguard and my unit of 6 Brokkr.

In all honesty, I don’t think the chief caused any damage all game and deservedly was killed by enemy fire.

My unit of Brokkr managed to finish off Sam’s flier but were later destroyed by a unit of Assault Enforcers.

With my opponents objective to the right cleared and not many Enforcers remaining we decided to call the game at the end of turn 3 with a victory for the Forge Fathers.





This battle was hard fought.

Thoughts after the battle –

  • Getting first activation from turn 2 onwards is quite powerful especially when you double activate.
  • I had a bit of an advantage from the start, quite a few of Sam’s weapon are “pinning” but most of my force are Headstrong  (get rid of a pin for free on a 5 plus roll) I didn’t fail a Headstrong check all game!
  • Go Go Go was a very nice ability for the Enforcers and I need to look out for that one.

Sam, my opponent played a great game and is fantastic wargamer.

The pins on the flier and my good rolls on Headstrong really helped me a lot and the result could quite easily have been very different.


If you are reading this @sundancer and you feature this on the UHH I would like it read in the style of Julian 😛 Please

End of the battleEnd of the battle

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