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Pantile Terrain – A TerrainFest project

Pantile Terrain – A TerrainFest project

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Finally working on the excellent Pantile terrain from Charlie Foxtrot Models

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I’ve slowly been building up a collection of Pantile Terrain pieces from Charlie Foxtrot Models over the year

These are a somewhat unique offering in the world of MDF terrain kits in that they include cast resin pieces in addition to the main MDF core. This offers the kits incredible details in selective areas, and works perfectly with the pantile style roofing which is cast resin along with select areas of brick and blockwork set into the walls themselves.

The range is appealing to me as it offers so many gameplay opportunities, perfect for both Spanish and Italian buildings in the Mediterranean  it offers a great set from Napoleonic through to WWII and can easily expand into colonial gaming in the Caribbean.

There’s a reasonably extensive range now available, covering everything from walls and houses to a granary and hermitage.

Pantile – Charlie Foxtrot Models


Pantile – Charlie Foxtrot ModelsPantile – Charlie Foxtrot Models

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