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2024 Hobby Log

2024 Hobby Log

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The Annual project for all the things that don't fit elsewhere.

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April 7th – Boats!

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In a stunning turn in events, I played games two weeks in a row! Last week’s slightly traumatising Legions Imperialis game was swept away by a fantastic game of Kings of War Armada.

Woodstock and I haven’t had this game on the table since the global campaign last year but my fish were giving me the evil eye every time I walked past the cabinet and with this renewed effort to play more games it was an obvious choice. Woodstock brought her lovely painted Basileans. We rolled up a scenario and then decided we didn’t like it and went with Flotsam and Jetsam.

Woodstock's lovely Basilean Woodstock's lovely Basilean "rescue" fleet

A Basilean merchant ship got into trouble in the shallow seas and disappeared without a trace… well, not without a trace. It left behind 10 tokens or varying unknown points values from 0 to 2. Did it run into a underwater reef? Fall foul of a wicked storm? Attacked and sunk by a giant squid captained by a man called Papacito? Who can tell?

Papacito, his squid and it’s friends happened upon the scene completely innocently at around the same time as the human rescue fleet arrived. Being creatures of the sea, they are fiercely against human detritus polluting their waters and began to clear it up.

The perfectly innocent environmentalist Trident RealmsThe perfectly innocent environmentalist Trident Realms

After a turn of both fleets mostly swiping up junk from the sea, the poor aquatic creatures got a little disorientated and accidentally let off their weapons in the general direction of the Basileans. They tried to apologise but stupid humans don’t speak fish. Instead they viciously attacked.

Unlike this stinky orcs that the Trident Realms went up against last year, the giant (for a crab and yet Tiny in game) crab put in a valiant effort to its grapple and boarding actions. The true star of the grapple, unsurprisingly, was Squiddy. Those magnificent tentacles can strike at 4 inches instead of the usual 3 and managed to take out a ship in one turn. Sadly the tidal wave remained largely ineffective.

Go little wave, go!Go little wave, go!

A couple more turns and things were fairly evenly matched but in turn four Squiddy took several broadsides and ended up being pushed over its nerve value. The next activation came around and Papacito surrendered despite being at the outer edge of the 10 inch enemy range. They dropped the three loot tokens they were holding and by the end of the following turn it became apparent that the creatures couldn’t recover enough tokens to outscore the Basileans.

It was another great game which reminded us both how much we want to play it more. I definitely need to paint up a fleet that gets broadsides as raking fire is a big thing to not have access to. I love the look of the Trident Realms on the table but I could see me dipping into the Basileans that I have to hand to get them painted up.

I hate to include the coward in the bat rep but this was such a cool photo that I had to. I hate to include the coward in the bat rep but this was such a cool photo that I had to.

April - Charity Minis

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Most things I’ve been working on this year are for other projects but I did dabble into some lizardmen models for a charity army project. I was sent the models to paint; I’ve never painted lizardmen before but these were fun to work on.

I’ll update this post when the auction goes live.

New project? New project!

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I’ve been very unwell this week so haven’t managed much in terms of hobby this week. I also had to make a flamingo. Being the only person in a friendship group with a jigsaw leads to some strange requests.

The hobby I did manage to do is still not ready to see the internet but I can show the finished bit so far.

What could these be for???

January’s Totals

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My main focus this year is big armies so January was a good month on that front. I’m in a slow grow for Kings of War and we’re meant to have 750 points ready for February. I’m two models short for my list but I managed to get the three regiments done.

Gaslands was going to be my second project for the month but my epic pre-order finally came in and so excitement overtook me and the production line ramped up. I still have a fair bit to paint to get an army to the table however I’m very happy with what I have so far.

Talking about Gaslands, it takes about as long to get a box of epic infantry ready to prime as it does to kitbash a gaslands car ready to prime. Both take an hour but are very different experiences; some days the mindless prep is what you need, other days it is the creative digging around in the bits box and making broom broom noises as you go. I have a second vehicle kitbashed and primed but mentally I’ve been in batch painting mode and I’m finding switching a little tricky right now.

All in all, the first month of the year is done and I’m happy with what I got painted up. February should be a bit easier on the batch painting and will have some experiments with a new painting style… I have a plan but I’m currently watching A Fistful of Dollars right now so who knows how long I’ll manage to stay on track.

Counts for the month:

  • Riftforged orcs – 50
  • Sons of Horus – 203 (44 bases and 15 vehicles)
  • Gaslands – 1
January’s Totals

January 1st - Looking Forward

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Each year I try to rein in my hobby butterfly with some goals. 2023’s were largely successful so this year’s build on those.

  1. Play more games. Last year I got to meet Woodstock and had some great game days with them. I played with a few other people and, even when I didn’t enjoy the rule sets, the games were fun. This year I’d like to play more games with more new people. If I could get to the table with something twice a month, that would be fantastic. Solo games would also count for this.
  2. Paint for more charity events. I used to do a 24 hour charity stream every year but my health doesn’t really mean that is possible these days so focusing in on other ways I can contribute to charity work would be nice. After the success of The Ginger Dwarf raffle and the Space Ducks projects over the last two years, giving my hobby time feels like a logical way to do that.
  3. Finish up the year with more models painted than unpainted in my collection. I have fallen back into bad habits over the last couple of years, especially when my mental health is bad, buying models I don’t need and can’t really afford and then doing nothing with them. Being honest with myself, there needs to be a big cull but also just working on painting existing projects will help.
  4. A big group game for a big celebration in the summer.
  5. Try going to tournaments – likely Kings of War. I’ve never been to any kind of tournament and it is a side of the hobby I’d like to try. I’m a scrub player but I want to see what another way of playing looks and feels like.

This PLog

These Hobby Logs tend to be where I post about all the minis that don’t fit into other projects but that are still part of my hobby.It could also be called the Odds and Sods Logs.

I think this year I’ll also do a monthly round up including everything across all the projects – mainly so it is easier for me to keep track of what I’m doing.

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