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Roll For Insight: What Are Your Inspiring Reads?


Ben talks about what books have informed and inspired him to take certain routes through the hobby. Make sure to tell us what has influenced you in the comments!

Roll For Insight: Storytelling Identity


In this week's Roll for Insight, Ryan talks Before There Were Stars and how it helps people find their storytelling identity.

Roll For Insight: Balancing The Power Fantasy


It's cool playing the epic heroes of legend sure but sometimes you need a bit of nuance in there too right?

Roll For Insight: Ritin’ Wurds Good


Sam gives us some helpful hints on writing and how it might be useful in your tabletop games too.

Roll For Insight: The Imagination Gate


Ben talks about dealing with writer's block as a tabletop storyteller and some of the ways you can combat it.

Roll For Insight: Talking Tits – It’s Time To Banish Boob Armour


Lads, it’s time I got something off my chest.

Roll For Insight: Pacing Your Board Game Day


On this weeks Roll for Insight, Ryan discusses the intricacies of structuring your day of board games to avoid burnout.

Roll For Insight: How Do You Approach A D&D Film?


Ben discusses how he'd approach the problem of getting a Dungeons & Dragons film to the silver screen.

Roll For Insight: Gotta Collect ‘Em All!


I have always had that drive to collect things and in the end it is what got me into tabletop gaming.

Roll For Insight: Is Winning Everything?


My life has been fuelled by competitive desire. Whether sports, games, or education, I have always pushed myself to outrun, outmaneuvre and outshine my competition.

Roll For Insight: Autism & Tabletop Gaming


This week on Roll for Insight Ryan talks about Autism awareness and tabletop games.

Roll For Insight: You Meet In A Tavern…


Ben expands on his Forging A World series by looking at that first quest and binding the group together as adventurers!

Roll For Insight: Dungeons & Dragons In Therapy


In this week's Roll for Insight, Sam looks at how tabletop RPGs like D&D can be used to supplement therapy sessions.

Roll For Insight: Forging A D&D World

1 year ago 17

Ben takes a moment to talk about some of the key things he's learned about world building for role-playing games.

Roll For Insight: Mechanical Intensity


This week Ryan looks at how certain board games can create a feeling of intensity through their mechanics.

Roll For Insight: Why I’m Not Scared By Horror Games


Tabletop gaming is not short of horror games and is well established as a genre. Which has me wondering; with so many games out there, why is it that horror nearly always fails?

Roll For Insight: Grubby Gamers vs Pristine Players?


Last week on Indie Thursday, I sparked the flint of controversy when I foolishly suggested that it was acceptable to bend the corners of playing cards to peek underneath.

Roll For Insight: From Toy Soldiers To Meeples


Ben puts forth some reasons why he thinks you should give board and card games a go, opening yourself up to an entirely new section of the tabletop world!

Roll for Insight: Wargaming & Accessibility


In this weeks Roll For Insight Ryan writes about accessibility in wargaming and how we can take some small steps forward.

Roll For Insight: Are Games The Future Of The Classroom?


Sam steps in this week for Roll For Insight asking if games and gamification could be the future of classroom learning.

Roll For Insight: Why Gaming Unites Us


Cass talks about how gaming can unite us and why it's important to gather your friends around the tabletop as often as you can.

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