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RuneCast Feed Their Hungry Dwarf Swordplayer!


RuneCast take their Dwarf Swordplayers to the tavern and get one of their regiment drunk as a skunk and full of pub food! It’s like me on a Sunday after a day of wargaming!

RuneCast’s Dwarf Swordplayers Head Out On An Adventure


RuneCast show off three of their fantastically painted new Dwarves. Will you be picking them for some role-playing or wargaming?

A New Dwarf Swordmaster Relaxes With RuneCast


Delve into the world of the old school looking Dwarf thanks to RuneCast and their new Swordplayer. What do you think of this relaxing gentle-folk.

RuneCast Give Another Dwarf Sword Swinging Lessons


RuneCast have shown off another Dwarf swinging around a big sword. Old school meets new sculpting with this great looking addition to the line-up.

RuneCast’s New Dwarf Swings A Mighty Sword


RuneCast have another excellent Dwarf to show off and plenty more in the pipeline.

New Miniature Company RuneCast Opens It’s Doors


Check out a new company and their miniatures that will be entering our world of wargaming and role-playing.