CP Models Have Mummy Issues

February 5, 2013 by dracs

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CP Models have released a selection of new 28mm metal models, bringing you a bunch of weird aliens and a mummy.

The Mummy is pretty much what you would expect, a figure covered in bandages. Not a particularly good sculpt, but it could still prove useful for gaming scenarios.

CP Models - Mummy

The alien Avians are better, with some imaginative designs that are somewhat reminiscent of the aliens you might see in an old fashioned sci-fi show.

CP Models - Avian 1

CP Models - Avian 2

CP Models - Avian 3

CP Models have also released some 25mm minis for use as citizens in the Wild West.

CP Models - 25mm Victoriana 1

CP Models - 25mm Victoriana 2

CP Models - 25mm Victoriana 3

Again these sculpts are by no means ground breaking,  but they do give you an easy way to populate your wild west towns. Just remember to call them all Johnson. Points to those who get the reference.

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