Fenris Go Drilling For Oil On the Derrick Platform

May 20, 2013 by dracs

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Fenris have a new laser cut mdf terrain set for you to start digging for the liquid black gold. The Derrick and Platform set is now up for pre-order.

Derrick and Platform

The good thing about this set is that it can fit in with most sci-fi and modern wargaming scenarios and provides you with the perfect sniper nest to fight over. You wouldn't want to place this near a deployment zone though, as the height it provides would pretty much negate most cover your minis would try to hide behind.

You can combine this with Fenris' other oil drilling terrain pieces, such as Clive the Nodding Donkey.

Clive Nodding Donkey

Put this all together and you can have a cool mass of machinery for your miniatures to swarm over.

What scenarios would you build around these?

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