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A Snarling Beastman & Deadly Ninjas From Terrible Kids Stuff


Terrible Kids Stuff has two new releases for you to check out online. The first of them is this mighty Beastman sculpted by Boris Woloszyn…

Terrible Kids Stuff Show Off New 28mm Collection Heroes & Monsters


Terrible Kids Stuff has added some new models to their 28mm collection for all of us gamers out there.

Meet Zhou & The Cleric, Fantastic New Terrible Kids Stuff Projects


Terrible Kids Stuff are back with some amazing new releases in the realm of 75mm and 32mm for collectors, painters and gamers.

Make Terrible Kids Stuff’s Orc Your Next Painting Project


If you’re into big painting projects we’ve got another prospect for you with Terrible Kids Stuff’s Orc On Wolf which has recently joined their rather exquisite collection.

Terrible Kids Stuff Unveil Their Dangerous Dark Elf & Sneaky Snake


Terrible Kids Stuff has added two new miniatures to their line up. One of them is from the world of Fantasy and the other would be at home rescuing people from a bombed out and dangerous New York City.

Boris Simiano Sculpts Up Terrible Kids Stuff’s Charging Centaur


Boris Simiano has sculpted up a superb looking Centaur for Terrible Kids Stuff based on artwork by the awesome Karl Kopinski.

Weekender XLBS: Paint Storage, Putty & Irish Beasts


It’s time for us to delve into the
awesomeness that is
The Weekender XLBS
where we have plenty
to discuss!

Terrible Kids Stuff Shows Off First Release For 2017


Terrible Kids Stuff is showing off their first release for 2017 and it is a beaut!

Terrible Kids Stuff Give Us A Sneak Peek At Up Coming Project


It is that time of the year, where we starting getting sneak peeks at upcoming releases for the new year.

Terrible Kids Stuff Sculpt Up A Paul Bonner Goblin Shaman


Limited to 150 copies Terrible Kids Stuff have worked alongside Paul Bonner to bring one of his art pieces to life. See what you think of the Goblin Shaman.

Terrible Kids Stuff Get Stealthy With Their Ninja Lady


Terrible Kids Stuff have another great looking model for painters to get excited about. The Ninja Lady, standing at 75mm tall, is looking like a very elegant and proficient killer.