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Witness Trough & Tankard’s March Of The Dead On Kickstarter


Trough & Tankard, and the sculptor Phil Hynes are on Kickstarter right now and closing in on the final hours of their project to bring a horde of the undead to life.

Trough & Tankard Show Off Their Mounted Vampire Lord


Trough & Tankard are tinkering away on their range of Fantasy miniatures which should be coming to the tabletop soon. Their latest bit of tinkering and crafting has managed to raise the dead with their Mounted Vampire Lord.

A Female Lich Summons The Dead With Trough & Tankard


Trough & Tankard will be coming to Kickstarter soon with their range of Fantasy miniatures and as part of that collection, we got to check out the Lich they previewed this week.

Trough & Tankard Preview New Fantasy Adventurers


A new miniatures collection has popped up on social media creating a range of neat Fantasy heroes for use in your role-playing and skirmish games.