Dan Abnett Climbs Aboard Dreadnought For Massive Ship Battles

September 2, 2014 by dracs

What's better than ship battles in space? Even bigger ships of course! It looks like an upcoming video game is going to deliver just that as Dreadnought gets spotted at this year's Pax Prime.


In an interview with Polaris, the game's producer Mark Liebold told us all that Dreadnought is going to be a game of massive ship based combat. We're not talking small fighters here, we're talking massive things that barely register jets as a blip on the radar.

Dreadnought Gameplay

The game will feature a multiplayer mode, where teams pilot a number of different ship types in epic confrontations, as well as a single player mode which will feature an episodic story written by none other than Dan Abnett.

Dreadnought Gameplay

What with his work for Warhammer 40k, there is no doubt that Abnett knows how to create an epic setting for a game, which should suit Dreadnought well. If that wasn't cool enough, they are apparently taking Sid Meier's Pirates as one of the sources of inspiration for the game. If you have not played Sid Meier's Pirates, what are you reading this for? Go out and find it!

Everything I see about this game makes me really excited for it. I love massive ship battles, of the sort you might expect to see in games like Battlefleet Gothic and Dystopian Wars, and the fact that I will soon have the opportunity to pilot these sorts of massive craft has me chomping at the bit to give this game a go.

How do you think Dreadnought is looking?

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