New Halo Video Game Coming To Xbox One

January 16, 2014 by crew

After the trailer was released back last year with the launch of Xbox One there has been nothing mentioned about 343 Industries upcoming game for the Halo franchise on the machine. Now, via Halo Waypoint, they have released this image which features “an early exploration of a new location”. Going from the pictures I’d say the Sangheili (elites) are finally getting into gear to help the UNSC against the Covenant Remnant.

Halo Concept Art

Bear in mind that this is not Halo 5, it’s a different game set between 4 and 5; a bit like ODST but with the Chief. It’ll be interesting to see where they take the plot, maybe Mortal Dictata (the 3rd Kilo 5 book) will shed some light on where it’s going like Glasslands and Thursday War did with Halo 4.

Submitted by Daniel Ryan

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