Boost Your NuHu With New Antares Drone Swarms

May 12, 2019 by cassn

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Warlord Games have announced two new drone swarms for their Beyond the Gates of Antares tabletop game!


Beyond the Gates of Antares is a Rick Priestly wargame which pitches technologically advanced human civilizations into conflict over as yet undiscovered systems which lie just beyond the gates.


These two new drone swarms are for the Concord and Isorian factions. Use these cybernetic companions to augment your NuHu's abilities and claim these strange new worlds as your own!

Personally, I prefer the Isorian drones - I think they have a more foreboding and less traditional look. Each set consists of six metal drones and are made to order. Check them out over on the Warlord website.

Which drone faction design do you prefer? Tell us below!

"Cybernetic companions!"

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