Enforcer Jetbikes Herald The Warpath Kickstarter Launch Soon

September 11, 2015 by brennon

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Mantic asked a rather rhetorical question over on social media about the rather fancy painted version of one of their Enforcer Jetbikes. "Do you want to see this in Warpath?" This was also followed with a yes and the announcement that the Warpath Kickstarter will launch 21st September 2015.

Enforcer Jetbike

It was also a desire to see it pop up in the likes of Deadzone too. I am a big fan of the design of his jetbike which reminds me of the Sparrow from Destiny in its design.

The sleek nature of it works well alongside the rest of the Enforcer aesthetic.

Warpath Logo

Warpath Peacekeeper

Would you be tempted by Warpath with models like this and the Peacekeeper you see here?

There is going to be much more to show off over the next few days and weeks so keep an eye on the Mantic Blog.

Let us know below...

"Would you be tempted by Warpath with models like this?"

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