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Tortured Souls Are Closing In As Infernal Kickstarter Enters Final Days


The countdown is on, and the Infernal Kickstarter has entered it’s final few days on Kickstarter. If you’re looking for a terrifying miniature game with a gruesome storyline, then Infernal may be exactly what you are looking for.

Wartorn Has Released Tortured Souls On Kickstarter In Infernal


In Wartorn Game’s Kickstarter, Infernal – London has fallen under ancient, dark magic, leaving most of its inhabitants in various states of evil mutations. Who will you side with – the Tortured Souls or The Dagger Team, left to try to regain order?

Urban Horror Is Coming To Kickstarter In Wartorn’s Infernal


Unspeakable horror is making it’s way onto Kickstarter through a Kickstarter from Wartorn Games this May. Infernal will bring a skirmish level miniature game into a dark, urban setting for some scary fun!