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Join The Sabbat Faction In Vampire: The Masquerade Sourcebook


Fans of Vampire: The Masquerade from Renegade Games Studio will be delighted to know that there the first sourcebook for the 5th Edition will be heading your way this summer, with new features to include the Sabbat in Sabbat: The Black Hand. 

Onyx Path Go Ghost Hunting In World Of Darkness


Onyx Path is on Kickstarter right now with their new project to bring World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters to the tabletop using the 20th Anniversary rules and collection as a backdrop.

Darker Days Radio To Host Special Seminar At UK Games Expo


Darker Days Radio is set to host a 10th Anniversary Seminar at UK Games Expo on Sunday, June 2nd. 

Blood Culture: The World Of Darkness Community


Chris Handley takes a deep look at the culture of World Of Darkness, it's community, what it's done right and where it's gone wrong.

Explore The Centre Of Changeling In Onyx Paths’ Book Of Freeholds


Onyx Path announced that the Book of Freeholds for Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition is now available in pdf and print.

Modiphius & White Wolf To Helm Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition


The premier vampire role-playing game from White Wolf is going to be getting a new outing within the World Of Darkness. White Wolf will be bringing 5th Edition Vampire: The Masquerade to the tabletop with Modiphius distributing the books.

Darker Days Podcast: Network Zero #6


In the most recent episode of Darker Days' Network Zero, Chris, Sam, and James take us through Promethean the Created 2nd Edition. Just in time for Frankenstein's 200th anniversary!

Darker Days Radio – Darkling Episode 46 Jackalopes in Texas


Chris and Chigg are joined by Matt Webb from Jackalope Live Action Studios to talk about their upcoming Nordic/bespoke LARP event in Austin, Texas - The Night In Question.

Darker Days Radio Chat All Things Darkness At Dragonmeet


Our friends over at Darker Days Radio recently went along to the Dragonmeet Tabletop Gaming Convention, where they got to sit down and have a chat about just what we can expect going forward in World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness.

Jumpstart Your V20 Dark Ages Game in Legacy of Lies


Onyx Path have released a new jumpstarter to help get you stuck into Vampire Dark Ages 20th Anniversary Edition. It's time to begin your own Legacy of Lies.

Peer Through The Hedge As Changeling: The Lost Comes To Kickstarter


Onyx Path have launched a Kickstarter to help fund a hardcover edition for Changeling: The Lost, 2nd Edition.

Darker Days Radio Interview The Heads Of White Wolf


In their latest podcast, Chris and Mike from Darker Days Radio got the chance to sit down with none other than Tobias Sjögren and Martin Ericsson of White Wolf Entertainment.

Onyx Path Stir Up The Restless Dead In God’s Own Country


Onyx Path have released the latest of their Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras supplements. This time, we head back to post-war New Zealand in God's Own Country.

Onyx Path Bring Chronicles Of Darkness To Kickstarter For Dark Eras Two


Onyx Path have taken to Kickstarter in order to produce a new hardback source book for Chronicles of Darkness; Dark Eras Two.

World Of Darkness Berlin Live Blog ... 39 UPDATES!

4 years ago 47

If you're into all things World Of Darkness then you'll be pleased to know that Chris Handley and Darker Days Radio are at World Of Darkness Berlin this weekend covering the event.

Weekender: World Of Darkness Hits Berlin & Battling In Westfalia’s Strongsword


Back in the saddle talking all things tabletop.

World Of Darkness Berlin Reaches The End Of The Line


A new trailer has been released previewing the massive Vampire the Masquerade LARP event End of the Line, which will be held at the World of Darkness Berlin convention.

Skies Darken In Onyx Path’s Newest Dark Ages Supplement


The Dark Ages of the World of Darkness are, surprisingly, a very dark place. But now a new darkness comes as Darkening Sky presents players with the eclipse of 1230.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse Video Game On The Cards From Cyanide


Focus Home Interactive & Cyanide Studio are working together to bring Werewolf: The Apocalypse to the digital realm with its own official video game.

Onyx Path & Nocturnal Media Return To The Scarred Lands


Onyx Path have a selection of new releases on DriveThruRPG, bringing out supplements for both the World of Darkness and returning to the Greek mythology inspired world of the Scarred Lands.

Serve Vampires As Ghouls & Revenants In Vampire The Masquerade


Onyx Publishing have released another new supplement, this time for use alongside Vampire the Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition. You've played as the fearsome lords of the night, now it's time to take on the role of their Ghoulish servants.

Discover The Secret Histories Of Chronicles of Darkness’ Dark Eras


Onyx Path are taking a look back at the history of the Chronicles of Darkness as their new supplement Dark Eras sheds light upon the darker parts of the world's murky, monster filled past.

Darkness Begins – Getting Started In The World of Darkness


The World of Darkness, and the world of Chronicles of Darkness, are dark and intimidating places. Numerous supernatural creatures lurk in the night, preying on people, drinking their blood, sacrificing them to dark gods, stealing souls, and rending them apart. Many different game lines make up these two worlds and for a new games master - the Storyteller - it is important to know where to start and just how they might go about it.

Gothic Punk & Personal Horror: World vs Chronicles


Chris Handley is joined by fellow Darker Days Radio hosts Matt Bresee and Pete Mars to explain the differences between the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness. Will you live in the shadows of the old world, or stalk the night of the new?

Weekender: New Warmachine & Hordes Rules – Privateer Press Interviewed!


We're a bit knackered after Salute but we're still here to share some tabletop gaming goodness with you all!

Your Guide To Chronicles In The World Of Darkness


Chris from Darker Days Radio guides us through the history of one of the most popular and influential RPG series there is. What monsters lurk in your World of Darkness?

Onyx Path Release Beast: The Primordial Back Into World of Darkness


Onyx Path Publishing are once again allowing us back into the New World of Darkness as they tap into humanity's inner monster with the return of Beast: The Primordial onto DriveThruRPG.

New French Translation Of Vampire: The Requiem Coming From Ulule


Our very own Romain was very excited by this one. Over on the French fundraising platform known as Ulule there is another version of Vampire: The Requiem in the works that is more streamlined and perfect for French audiences.

Never Done Pen & Paper Role-Playing? Try These For Size…


Onyx Path Release the 2nd Ed. of Werewolf: The Forsaken


The second edition rule book for the popular RPG Werewolf: The Forsaken has been released by Onyx Path Publishing and is now available on Drive Thru RPG.

Celebrate 20 Years of Changing Reality in Mage the Ascension


World of Darkness is, arguably, my favourite RPG setting and soon we will once again be able to step into that world as reality manipulating mages as Mage the Ascension goes to Kickstarter for a Deluxe Edition.

Onyx Path To Launch WoD Demon Kickstarter Today!


Demon: The Descent is coming to you through the medium of Kickstarter. Look out for these Fallen Angels later on today.

Onyx Path Take Changing Breeds To Kickstarter


Check out another Kickstarter from Onyx Path that explores one of my favourite fringe sourcebooks from the Old World of Darkness. Changing Breeds is on the way!

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