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Polyversal Kickstarter Heads Into Final Hours

321 days ago 0

Polyversal Miniatures Game from Collins Epic Wargames is coming into its final hours on Kickstarter and this time it has hit its funding goal plus some.

Polyversal Miniatures Game Offers More Add Ons To Their Kickstarter

336 days ago 2

Polyversal Miniatures Game is moving right along and has about two weeks left in their Kickstarter campaign. They have added some new add ons, why not check them out.

Polyversal Relaunches On Kickstarter From Collins Epic Wargames

347 days ago 6

Collins Epic Wargames is back on Kickstarter with their 6mm game Polyversal. Relaunched and ready to meet their goals.

Polyversal Post Command & Control Game Play On Kickstarter

442 days ago 2

Polyversal a 6mm Sci-Fi game is currently on Kickstarter. They have now posted an intro video on how to play.

Polyversal 6mm Miniatures Game Hits Kickstarter.

449 days ago 28

There is a new Kickstarter out right now that delves into the 6mm world of Sci-fi combat, Polyversal from Collins Epic Wargames.