Polyversal 6mm Miniatures Game Hits Kickstarter.

February 1, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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Collins Epic Wargames has a new game that has hit Kickstarter and it is called Polyversal.

This game is set in 6mm and they designed the rules for the game, the interesting thing about this game is that the miniatures are made from many different companies, to include Hawk Wargames, Brigade Models among others. They go on to say that you can use any 6mm models that you wish.

Even though they created the rule system, they are also offering a complete starter set with everything you will need to get playing right away.

The story behind this game is that the earth is dying and the UN is consolidating nations under their umbrella as they begin plans to colonize Mars. Well there are some who do not fancy the idea of being assimilated  and are willing to resist, this force is the Opfor (Oposition Forces).

What makes this games unique is the Hexagonal Combatant Tiles. You place these tiles together and set up visual battle groups. All the information you need for each unit is also listed on the tiles. Their is also a unique dice system of three different dice during combat which indicate all of the weapons and effectiveness.

It should be noted that weapons can change effectiveness based on damage or stress.

This looks to be an interesting game and if you are like me and like the idea of bigger battles outside the realm of skirmish games than you might want to take a look at this game. I like the idea of having multiple game manufacturers involved to add to the different flavors of the game, just like you would have if the different countries of the world were actually fighting it out for survival.

There is a download able print and play demo on the Kickstarter site, here.

They have set a higher goal, but also have extended the time to about sixty days, and they are also including some nice terrain at the higher pledge levels from  The Phalanx Consortium. This is one I will be definitely keeping a eye on.

Are you looking for a 6mm game you can sink your teeth into?

"What makes this games unique is the Hexagonal Combatant Tiles..."

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