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Grim Ulrick & Shaan’Hya Arrive On The Anakron Webstore


Anakron Miniatures has added two new characters to their webstore recently. The first of these is the grim, dour and downright angry looking Captain Ulrick.

The Serval Unleashes His Claws From Anakron Miniatures


Anakron Miniatures has revealed a new miniature just in time for a certain film to hit. See what you think of The Serval with his claws unleashed, ready to start cutting his foes down to size.

The Brave Boîte de Konserve Clanks Out Of Anakron Miniatures


Anakron Miniatures add another weird and wonderful looking character to their collection with Boîte de Konserve.

A Warrior Monk Shows His Ugly Face in Anakron’s New Bust


Anakron Workshop have come out with a new bust to help you practice and show off all those painting skills you've been working on. Meet the not-so-holy looking Warrior Monk.

Does Anakron’s Latest Concept look Like an Officer You’d Follow?


Anakron Miniatures Studio have published a new piece of concept art show casing a mighty new soldier named Colonel Böykha.

Anakron Stock Up On Awesome But Unsavory Characters


Which of these creepy characters, or valiant heroes in the case of Toorak, will you be picking up from Anakron?

Anakron Sculpt Another Version Of Luci & Spot


I wonder if this newer version of Luci & Spot will change your mind on the sculpt from Anakron Miniatures?

Anakron Sculpts Luci & Spot For Olde World Miniatures


Olde World Miniatures add a female Lucifer to their range of miniatures. What do you think of this devilish damsel?

Anakron Sculpt New Wheke For Kaha Miniatures


Add to your love of these European sculptors with a look at the new Wheke from Anakron Miniatures for Kaha.

Anakron Send Lilly The Huntress Into The Olde World


Check out this hunter from Anakron Miniatures that will be gracing the webstore of Olde World miniatures soon enough.

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