The Nurgle Rotspawn Slimes Over The Blood Bowl Pitch

March 8, 2019 by dracs

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A new Big Guy is coming out from Forge World for those plague worshipping refs to add to their line-up; the terrifying Rotspawn.

This Rotspawn is a terrifying amalgamation of pustules, tentacles, and bloated mutation. It looks as though there may have been a human there once, but I have no idea when that could have been.

While he doesn't look as though he'd be particularly mobile, the Rotspawn would prove a hugely disruptive force on the table (if only because it's hard for a player to hold on to the ball when they're trying to hold on to their lunch).

With tentacles sprouting everywhere, a Foul Appearance and Disrupting Presence, the Rotspawn will be a useful addition to any plague worshipping team.

How would you use a player like this?

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