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Blood Keep Miniatures Unleash The Mighty Zurag The Smasher


Blood Keep Miniatures have shown off another fantastic model for their collection of BIG monsters. Here we have Zurag The Smasher.

Celia Descends From The Skies Soon By Blood Keep


Blood Keep Miniatures have shown off the render work for another of their massive models. This time around we have Celia - Bringer of Light who is swooping down from the heavens to spear her foes and take command of the battlefield with her divine light...

Azrat Firestorm Descends On The Tabletop From Blood Keep Miniatures


Blood Keep Miniatures have revealed another of their big models which is now available to snap up for your collection. Azrat Firestorm is a swirling maelstrom of fiery death looking to slaughter entire armies...

Weekender: Chatting Warpath, Anarchy Stencils & Win Deadzone


We're back with a jam packed Weekender where we dig into some of the awesome news that popped up during the week.

Blood Keep Miniatures Bow Before The Might Of Tyrath


Blood Keep Miniatures have another mammoth project coming soon. Since they are 'Blood Keep' this is very much their Lord and Master. See what you think of Tyrath in all his glory...

Be Blown Away By Blood Keep’s Astounding Sculpts


Blood Keep Miniatures are a company that, to my fault, I'd never heard of before this morning! After checking out their Facebook Page however I think I can safely say I've been won over by their utterly astounding sculpts. See what you think of Varkai...

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