Card Game Bali Announces Second Major Expansion

March 24, 2019 by cassn

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Bali: Villiage of Tani is the second expansion for Bali and introduces new challenges and rewards to the 2017 card-drafting game. In Bali: Village of Tani, players can now build huts to receive bonuses from that area.

Players build huts by discarding farmer cards, and then placing 1-3 sacrifice cards into the supply, thereby determining where they can build. after the hut has been placed, the player can collect their bonus: Ganesha figure, stones, or banana plantation tiles.


However, players are given a set number of huts at the start of the game, and all huts must be built when the game is complete or the player receives no points! Bali: Village of Tani also includes a wooden Ganesha 'meeple' which can provide more points when scoring for priests.

Bali: Villiage of Tani will be released at Essen in 2019, but you can head over to publisher White Goblin Games for further information.

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"Also includes a wooden Ganesha 'meeple'!"

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