Become The Wealthiest Warlock In Wizard Thieves

June 20, 2019 by cassn

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Wizard Thieves is a fast-paced card-matching game where competing wizards battle in a test of mental and physical agility, using their skill and unruly magic to snatch the most treasure from their foes! Win by hoarding every piece of Loot at the table, or simply gather as much treasure as you can and wait for the Curse to remove your competition for you!


While Wizard Thieves may appear to be a standard matching game, it actually contains some pretty interesting mechanics which vary up gameplay and improve the skill level required. For example, the penalty for an incorrect match is a curse placed upon the Wizard. That Wizard can no longer use magic spells and, should they mismatch again - they are eliminated!


Magic items can be used to benefit yourself or hinder an opponent; for example, the Gauntlet of Stealing allows you to steal two Loot cards from your opponent, or one from the Portal, while the King Coin allows you to immediately win the pot during a Treasure Challenge!

Matches can be triggered in a number of ways, including Duplicates, Sandwiches, and 'Portal Parallelism', along with Treasure Challenges - where players have 1-4 chances to play a treasure card on their turn, depending on the previous card played.


Wizard Thieves is based on an old card matching game called Egyptian Ratscrew - no doubt Wizard Thieves is a preferable name! For those still unsure, first time designer Jeremy Rozenhart has provided a free print-and-play. You can check out this fast-paced game of snappish sorcery in full detail here.

Which famous fictional Wizard do you think is the richest? Answers below!

"A fast-paced game of snappish sorcery!"

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