LEGO Are Building Stranger Things With New Upside Down Set

June 23, 2019 by cassn

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"You shouldn’t like things because people tell you you’re supposed to." - Stranger Things

Despite Jonathan Byer's wise words to Will in Stranger Things, I'm straight up telling you; you should like this.


Okay, so it's not technically a board game or a miniature, but if you don't think gravity-defying lego which portrays alternate horror dimensions is cool and newsworthy, then you can just go and live in the Upside Down.


While LEGO's 2287-piece The Upside Down set comes in at a perhaps pricey $199.99, but the final built model stands 12 inches tall and seven inches wide, and includes the Bryers house and the Demogorgon's world. That's only $100 a dimension. Bargain.


The model is incredibly designed - there are four spaces in total in each dimension; the front porch, Will's bedroom, the living room, and the dining room. Each one is bursting with little details that throwback to season one of this excellent retro horror series.

For example, there's a 'Have you seen me?' flyer, Christmas light boxes, fantasy game rule book, drawings, and a 'Will the Wise' wizard hat. There's even a wall complete with alphabet and Christmas strings which actually lights up!


Now you may think a light-up wall is the coolest thing ever, but you're forgetting one important thing - you can flip this model over. In the Demogorgon's world, you'll find everything from the other side, twisted and transformed in sufficiently creepy Upside Down aesthetics. The set also comes with eight figures - Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Joyce Byers, Chief Hopper, and the Demogorgon.

If you're a fan of Stranger Things, this is the ultimate LEGO collectable - the attention to detail is simply stunning, and fans will love the little easter egg nods to all their favourite moments from the show. You can order yours direct from the LEGO store here.

What show would you like to see made into a LEGO collectable? Comment below!

"Bursting with little details that throwback to season one of this excellent retro horror series!"

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