Sanuk Games Creating Mythic Battles: Pantheon Video Game

February 16, 2019 by brennon

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Sanuk Games are joining forces with Monolith Edition to bring a video game version of Mythic Battles: Pantheon to life via Kickstarter on Sunday.

Mythic Battles Pantheon Video Game - Sanuk Games

Apart from the announcement video we've seen above, there hasn't been anything else revealed in terms of gameplay. It looks good from some of the screenshots and hopefully, this Kickstarter is realistic in its expectations.

Sanuk Games does have a pedigree of games under their belt which can be seen HERE but they're not exactly as in-depth as Mythic Battles: Pantheon could be. With that said, because the board game is very much a slow and tactical one, it might make for an easier time of it.

Time will tell on this one, but watch out for the Kickstarter on Sunday.

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