A Legend is Over…

May 21, 2011 by beerogre

I woke this morning and checked my emails to see that GW have made some kind of announcement about the hobby... but when I checked the news I was gutted when I discovered that the wrestler Macho-Man Randy Savage had been killed in a car accident, aged 58.

Macho Man Randy Savage

It might not be all that game related, but rest assured all you youngsters, guys my age remember when we were your age and the mighty Macho-Man would give us an evening posturing entertainment and top class grappling that delighted both me and my dad... it was a more innocent time... before the ravages of your new fangled x-stations and ePhones.

The Macho-Man acted in numerous films, including Spider-Man... he was Bonesaw). He also released a hip-hop album with a track dissing Hulk Hogan (genius), and was named the Harvard Lampoon's "Man of the Year", for his "Snap into a Slim Jim. Oooohhh yeeeeaaah!" the catchphrase he employed during their advertising campaign.

Another legend hits the mat for the last time.

BoW Andy

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