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Cheese Hunters: Swampy’s Heroes


We’re back in the studio with a little Warhammer
Fantasy cheese today as Swampy breaks out
hisWarriors of Chaos. What kind of dirty
combos can you build using your
Champions of the Dark Gods!?

Cheese Hunters: Evo Repeaters & Hacking Plus Devices


Time for a little cheese from the World
of Infinity, as Swampy rolls out one of
his variations on a well established
Nomads tactic. Is it cheese or simply par
for the course when your playing the faction?

Cheese Hunters: Space Wolves – Wolf Lord Re-Rolls


The guys are in the studio to show you a new trick with Space Wolves. In particular it surrounds the idea of Wolf Lords and re-rolls. See what you think of this one.

Cheese Hunters: What is a Shield Generator Good For?


Time for more cheese as the guys pull out some Shield generators from your old black reach box set to show us what they can do.

Cheese Hunters: Aegis Defense Line


Our three resident cheese maestros (Andy, Darrell & Swampy) have all got together to chat about one of the nasty tricks you can play on your opponent in Warhammer 40,000. Using one Aegis Defense Line and some unexpected miniatures to fire it can be a deadly combination.

Cheese Hunters: Secondary Objectives


With 6th edition Warhammer 40K well and truly settled in the guys have a look at one of the fundamental changes to the main game and how its going to affect your tactics against your friends when playing secondary objectives.

Cheese Hunters: The Warlords of 40k


Darrell and Andy are back in the studio to have a quick chat about who they think is the cheesy pick for your warlord in Warhammer 40K. But what do you guys think? Will it be one of the big named characters, or the little no named hero that you’ve spent time and care crafting in to your lord of death?

Cheese Hunters: Make Your Own Focus Fire


It’s been a little while since we’ve had a Cheese Hunters so it’s time for a really nasty one! Darrell and Andy have come up with a way to create fire channels giving you focus fire whenever you need it!

Cheese Hunters: Gun Emplacements


The guys are at it again! This time they have found a nasty trick you can play on your buddies with some of the terrain rules from the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook. What do you think of this latest piece of cheese?

Is Scout Sergeant Telion The Best Space Marine Trooper?


With all these special characters out there for the world of Warhammer 40,000, especially within the Space Marine Codex is can sometimes be hard to choose the right one. The guys take a look at Scout Sergeant Telion to see if he is the best, of the best, of the best, Oorah!

Cheese Hunters: Warriors of Chaos Swampy’s Favorite Unit


With the fast approaching release of the new Warriors of Chaos Army Book Swampy picks out one of his favorite parts of his old list hoping that it will still be there in
the new army book.

Cheese Hunters: Allies of Convenience Super Cheese


Darrell’s thoughts:

“Allies… we all thought having allies was the best thing you could get in this 6th edition book. We all use them to take objectives and to come to the rescue when the fight is going badly. Now try watching this and see if they really help you, or will they be the death you. Allies are your worst enemy.”

Cheese Hunters: Truly Immortal Necrons


Darrell, Swampy and Andy have found yet more cheese this time for Necrons, but can you kill them quick enough to keep this tactic at bay?

Cheese Hunters: Burn Baby Burn… With Swampy


Its time for another installment of Cheese Hunter and this time Swampy has a great tactic for all you Ork players out there, with his recipe on how to best toast your opponents in Warhammer 40K.

Cheese Hunters: Swampy and The Techmarine of Doom


With the new studio now up and running we thought it was time to get one of the local veterans on camera to show us one of the dirty tactics that has a special place in his heart.