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Fantastic Terrain Extras Added To Twisted Pledge Manager


The storybook, steampunk world of Twisted is about to become even more fancy with the addition of the latest terrain details from Demented Games and CNC Workshop. You can still add goodies to your pledge, or back it if you missed the Kickstarter on its initial run through their pledge manager page.

A Pair Worth Their Metal Joins The Gentlefolk Of Twisted


If you love the metal aspect of steampunk, then you will adore the latest characters that have come to life through miniatures from Demented Games for Twisted. The Gentlefolk Sailor and the Gentlefolk Teacher have captured the storybook flavour of game perfectly and are now available in both metal and resin through the pledge manager.

Miniature Scenery Gets A New Name & New Sci-Fi Bikes


Miniature Scenery is the new name of CNC Workshop. New bases are on the way but also some excellent Sci-Fi Bikes that are just waiting to zoom around the tabletop.

Demented Games Shows Off Two New Buildings For Twisted


The Pledge Manager is now open for Demented Games' successful steampunk Kickstarter, Twisted, which means we are that much closer to getting our lovely games! To sweeten the deal, CNC Workshop has added an two more fantastic steampunk buildings to the project to really make your games come alive.

Twisted Is Busting Through Stretch Goals In Its Final Days


The clock is ticking and there's 2 more days left to get behind the fantastic project of Twisted from Demented Games. The Kickstarter has added loads of wonderful new minis over thew weekend and there's still more to come.

Five Days To Unlock Fanciful Steampunk Goodies For Twisted


The clock is ticking as the fantastic steampunk Kickstarter, Twisted, from Demented Games counts down. There are 5 more days to get in on this wonderful game, full of stunning miniatures and whimsical terrain. There are plenty of free goodies available for backers with the promise of more on the way.

The Egyptians Of Twisted Add More Fantastic Characters To The Game


The fantastical world of Twisted continues to expand as Demented Games has added the Egyptian faction to the starter set choices. With these new faces is a twist on a familiar face and archeology, Indie. With her pistol and whip handy, she is ready to take on the Engine and any others who stand in her way.

The Twisted Kickstarter Is Off, Running & Funded!


The highly anticipated steampunk Kickstarter, Twisted, hit the scene yesterday and is turning more than a few heads. Demented Games has been unlocking stretch goals left and right, bringing more and more wonderful things into this immersive, skirmish game.

Stunning CNC Workshop Terrain Part Of The Twisted Kickstarter


The soon to launch world of Twisted from Demented Games will be featuring, and offering, some lovely terrain from CNC Workshop Miniature Scenery. This MDF terrain will undoubtedly bring your games of Twisted to life!

CNC Workshop Is Building Something Out Of This World


Are you the type of hobbiest that enjoys a good challenge? CNC Workshop Miniature Scenery is pouring their creativity into a rather stunning (and challenging) MDF kit for a sci fi ship!

Fantastic New Sci-Fi Objective Markers & Scatter From CNC Workshop


Finish off the perfect sci fi table with the latest Frontier Objectives from CNC Workshop. Whether you're using them as objective markers or scatter, they're sure to add the perfect details to your game.

Fantastic New Vehicles From CNC Workshop Miniatures Scenery


If you're the type of gamer that enjoys the assembly process as much as the gaming, then you need to have a go at MDF game pieces. CNC Workshop Miniatures Scenery has two, fantastic new vehicles ready to command your table - by air or by land.

Steampunk Pirates On The High Seas From CNC Miniature Scenery!


Need a ship for some piracy? CNC Workshop Miniatures Scenery has a fantastic new pirate ship/steampunk ship available for gaming or collecting!

Roll Out The Heavy Armour From CNC Workshop & Their Conquerer


CNC Workshop have added another rather super heavy tank to their line-up of vehicles. The Conquerer III Heavy Tank looks like it's armed with some very, very, very deadly plasma-type cannons that will be melting other vehicles into slag.

Modular Sci Fi Terrain From CNC Workshop Takes Your Game to New Heights


Multi-level terrain couldn't be easier with the Paranoia Pagoda Blocks from CNC Workshop! Now you can construct your game table with various heights with these stackable terrain pieces. You can even connect them with a skywalk!

Wicked MDF Buggies From CNC Workshop


The more I look at MDF, the more amazed I am with what can be built with it! CNC Workshop has just released 3 very cool buggies! And not just any buggies- these look pretty wicked and definitely look like […]

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