Community Spotlight: Dark Knights, Mighty Ogres & Digging Too Deep!

January 26, 2018 by brennon

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It's time to delve into the annals of awesomeness and stride through the valley of brilliance as we take a walk down conversa....nevermind, wrong show. Ok, here's the Community Spotlight as we take a look what you've been doing in the Hobby & Painting Forum.

We have some great projects for you this week as we look to inspire you with your own projects. Remember, POST YOUR WORK in the forums as we LOVE seeing what you've been doing.

NMM Dark Sword Knight by philth

First up we have an adventure into the world of Non-Metallic Metal painting thanks to philth here. This is one of the Dark Sword Miniatures Knights, painted up using the style which is quite hard to master I'd say.

NMM Dark Sword Knight #1 by philth

The real puzzle is trying to make sure that the surface looks like metal without using a single metallic paint. I would say that philth has done a superb job on this particular model, especially around the larger shoulder pads and the greaves on his legs.

NMM Dark Sword Knight #2 by philth

The model is then supported by some additionally awesome painting when you look at the dirty tabard hanging around his waist, and the way the hair has been highlighted. I think you have to take your hat off to the massive base too; it's not a plinth so Lloyd can't get annoyed at this one I reckon.

Godslayer Hill Ogres by caledor2

The world of Godslayer should be back on Kickstarter this year and so it seems apt to take a look at the work of caledor2 on these Hill Ogres.

Hill Ogres #1 by caledor2

In a game named Godslayer you'd probably be expecting a lot of dark colours and some heavy metal playing in the background. Well, caledor2 has managed to bring out a great dose of colour for these miniatures and keep them in line with their background aesthetic of the Halodynes, effectively the Ancient Greeks of the game.

Hill Ogres #2 by caledor2

You can see the rest of the unit painted here in some very bright colours with the blue working really nicely against all of that bronze. The skin has also been highlighted up nicely so that it doesn't clash with the bronze armour, which can sometimes be a problem.

There's more work coming soon from caledor2 concerning Godslayer and I look forward to his efforts on that front. For now, though, what would you suggest when it comes to basing materials for these particular warriors?

Balrog by halfmileduck

I just had to drop this next project into the mix. halfmileduck has been doing some great work on his Moria force and this is a brilliant take on the Balrog from his project blog in the forums.

Balrog #1 by halfmileduck

You can see the step-by-step process that halfmileduck went through when it comes to creating this model. It involves making your way up from white and yellow wouldn't you believe! That's how you get that really impressive crackling fire burning away beneath the skin.

Balrog #2 by halfmileduck

I think you'll agree that considering the complex nature of the model, seeing that fire effect working so nicely, plus the way the black has been done across the model deserves a golden button for sure. It certainly is nice to see more people painting these Lord of the Rings models as well; possibly some of the most beautiful created by Games Workshop.

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