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Black Sheep Miniatures

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Stunning 10mm Samurai! Wargames Atlantic’s New Armies For BIG Battles! What’s Next?! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's episode, we're looking at the next big small-scale release for your epic wargames. Wargames Atlantic are going to be entering the world of 10mm wargaming with some amazing plastic Samurai and Ashigaru for use in Historical wargaming. The plastic sets are coming VERY soon and we get a close look at the brand new sprues and some painted miniatures.

Black Sheep Preview New 28mm Wild West Posses [Updated]


Black Sheep Miniatures are working on a big new set of releases for their 28mm Wild West range! There are six new packs on the way and they have started the preview with both their Pinkertons and Lawmen. 

Grab Black Sheep’s 28mm Wild West Miniatures From Warbases


Black Sheep Miniatures has announced that they have sold their range to Warbases so their rather neat little range of Wild West figures can now be snapped up from their webstore. We missed a few that got released last year, namely their mounted Bank Robbers and Vaqueros.

Black Sheep Miniatures Release First Wild West Models!


Black Sheep Miniatures have now started selling their first range of models for use in your 28mm wargames. The Wild West is the focus of their first set of releases including cowboys, bandits, bank robbers and more.

Is Oldhammer The Best Warhammer? Why Are Classic Miniatures So Popular? #OTTWeekender

2 years ago 40

It's OTT Weekender time! Is Oldhammer the best kind of Warhammer? We dive into a discussion on why classic wargaming miniatures are so popular and where the charm for those old-school miniatures comes from.

Black Sheep Miniatures Preview New Wild West Range!


Black Sheep Miniatures are a pretty new company based out of Scotland here in the UK who are working on a collection of awesome Wild West miniatures for use in your tabletop games. A selection of pesky vagrants and rogues have been shown off so far. 

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