Black Sheep Miniatures Preview New Wild West Range!

December 2, 2022 by brennon

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Black Sheep Miniatures are a pretty new company based out of Scotland here in the UK who are working on a collection of awesome Wild West miniatures for use in your tabletop games. A selection of pesky vagrants and rogues have been shown off so far.

Vaqueros - Black Sheep Miniatures

Vaqueros // Black Sheep Miniatures

Leading the way though, there are the Vaqueros who were some of the first cowboys in New Spain and California. They were horsemen and cattle herders that are probably rather peeved that there are dastardly bandits and the like running around trying to rustle their cattle!

Vaqueros Alt - Black Sheep Miniatures

Vaqueros // Black Sheep Miniatures

There is a really nice selection of options for you to choose from already armed with a variety of different weapons. You've got rifles, revolvers, shotguns and more. Additionally, the poses look fantastic and I like that you've got some seriously angry-looking cowboys! The chap with the two revolvers is brilliant and seems like he is loving life.

Sneaky Banditos!

Talking of bad guys that need dealing with, there are also some Banditos on the way! They all come with those wide-brimmed sombreros and ponchos that are just crying out to be freehand painted. I wonder who is going to be first to attempt that?

Banditos - Black Sheep Miniatures

Banditos // Black Sheep Miniatures

There are two types of Banditos for you to choose from. Some are keeping themselves covered up for a deadly ambush whilst others are covered in bandoliers and are getting ready for a proper scrap on the tabletop.

Banditos Alt - Black Sheep Miniatures

Banditos // Black Sheep Miniatures

Now you have the makings of a proper clash on the tabletop. Introduce these Banditos alongside the Vaqueros and you've got a good skirmish set up between white hats and black hats in classic Wild West style.

Bank Robbers & Old Timers!

Some bonus miniatures are also in the mix for those seeking to set up cool scenarios on the tabletop. For example, you can pick up the Bank Robbers who are (as you might have guessed) in the process of stealing loot.

Bank Robbers - Black Sheep Miniatures

Bank Robbers // Black Sheep Miniatures

Again, this is a fantastic set that comes with some really nicely designed Bank Robbers that would be perfect for a skirmish or two. You've got plenty of criminals rocking weapons but then others who are running out with the loot that they have just pilfered. I like the idea of introducing them to a train robbery as well.

Last but not least, we also have these Prospectors who look like they are pretty darn fed up with having to deal with people trying to nick their gold!

Prospectors - Black Sheep Miniatures

Prospectors // Black Sheep Miniatures

Every time I see Wild West miniatures, I immediately want to start playing Wild West games. There are so many good ranges of miniatures out there and rules to use them and it's neat that Black Sheep Miniatures are joining in with the fun.

What do you make of Black Sheep Miniatures' first offerings and will you be watching out for the full release of their range?

"Every time I see Wild West miniatures, I immediately want to start playing Wild West games..."

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