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Community Spotlight: A Fistful Of Lead, Chosen Men & Samurai 7!


We get a look at the Wild West on the tabletop in a battle report, a dashing take on Mr Sharpe and some Gundam/Samurai awesomeness from the far future.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Kings Of War; The Oni Game Perfect For John’s Samurai!


Let's dive into a new Cult Of Games XLBS! In this week's episode, we might find ourselves in a bit of a race. John has been printing off and building a Samurai army and with the help of Gerry is bringing it to Kings Of War. Plus, we delve into narrative wargaming and how to get the best out of the format in a short space of time, maybe over a weekend!

Knuckleduster Talk New Wild West Releases For February


Knuckleduster Miniatures has been showing off the new Wild West releases coming up for February and the Gunfighter's Ball range. Some great characters are popping up that would be nice for a variety of scenarios.

Hollywood Legends & Softcover Rules For Gunfighter’s Ball


Knuckleduster Miniatures have a few fun bits and pieces coming out over the next few weeks. We start with some Hollywood legends coming to the tabletop for Gunfighter's Ball. See what you make of The Three Caballeros.

Let’s Play: Dead Man’s Hand | Great Escape Games

2 months ago 4

It's time! Gerry and Shay get their dusters on and head out to the frontier and the town of Tombstone for a Let's Play of the awesome 28mm Wild West wargame, Dead Man's Hand. Who will be quick and who will be dead in this awesome showdown?

Build Your Wild West Tombstone Town On Kickstarter


Black Scorpion Miniatures are closing in on the final few days of their Kickstarter campaign to bring a 32mm Wild West town to life. You can explore this Tombstone Town as STL Files which you can print off and use in your Wild West wargames from 28mm up to 32mm.

Knuckleduster’s Lawmen Lay Down The Law In The Old West


Knuckleduster Miniatures have added another set of figures to their collection for those diving into some Wild West adventures on the tabletop. The newest set are the Lawmen who will be available separately in the future but are currently collected together into one pack. 

Wild West Cinematic Magic; Dead Man’s Hand Delivers The Good, The Bad & The Ugly! #OTTWeekender

4 months ago 15

It's OTTWeekender Time! In this week's episode, we dive into the awesome cinematic action of Dead Man's Hand which could well be the best Wild West wargame out there on the market at the moment. A new Kickstarter is now live featuring an updated Starter Set for the game, revamped rules and the chance to get your hands on some great miniatures as well.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Has Kickstarter Forgotten Its Roots?


As part of this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, we chat about our plans as TerrainFest 2023 comes to a close. Gerry talks Babylon 5, Shay talks 40K, and Warren talks Starship Troopers as the guys go full-on Sci-Fi this week and they love it. We take a look at some terrific community work before Gerry needs to get something off his chest about crowdfunding and how it is now perceived.

Grab The New Two-Player Starter Set For Dead Man’s Hand!


Great Escape Games are now live on Kickstarter with their campaign that is looking to bring Dead Man's Hand back to the tabletop with an updated version of one of the most well-loved Wild West wargames on the market.

A New 28mm Mariachi Band Adds Music To Dead Man’s Hand


Great Escape Games added some new civilians into the mix for use in your games of Dead Man's Hand. Why wouldn't you want to add some musical accompaniment to your shootouts with this 28mm Mariachi Band?

Cult Of Games XLBS: How Do You Deal With Shiny Syndrome?


Join us for Cult Of Games XLBS! In this week's episode, we dive into a chat about shiny syndrome and some of the ways that you can combat it. Do you have some tips and tricks for avoiding the allure of the next shiny miniature that pops up online?

Why Everyone Is Obsessed with Moonstone’s Latest Miniatures (And You Will Be, Too!) #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We get stuck into a discussion on the amazing new Moonstone Kickstarter from Goblin King Games and why everyone is obsessed with their latest miniatures. By the end of the show, you're going to be just as hooked on their wonderful 32mm Fantasy miniatures for their whimsical wargame.

Black Scorpion Tease New 28mm 3D Printable Wild West Terrain


Black Scorpion Miniatures are joining in with the fun when it comes to making Wild West terrain as they recently showed off some awesome 3D Printable options that are soon going to be added into the mix. These are going to be great for those looking to play games between 28mm and 35mm including their own game, Tombstone!

Great Escape Announce A NEW Old West; Dead Man’s Hand Redux


I'm a huge fan of Great Escape Games' Wild West gang fighting game Dead Man's Hand, as a quick-play skirmish game that is heavily influenced by the Western films I grew up enjoying it's a beautiful way to play out a three-act movie on the tabletop. In keeping with the filmatic feel of the game Great Escape Games has announced an upcoming Kickstarter in October for Dead Man's Hand Redux.

Lassoing Your Friends Into The Wild West – A Great Period To Start Historical Wargaming?


At OnTableTop, we've often pondered on the best ways to get into Historical wargaming. We even did a whole Cult Of Games episode about it. After mulling it over for a while and muttering about the toss-up between the Dark Ages and World War II, I think I've come down on the side of something entirely different. What about the Wild West?

Unboxing: General Purpose Wagon – Dead Man’s Hand | Great Escape Games


Gerry hitches up his wagon and heads out west with a new plastic kit from Great Escape Games for Dead Man's Hand and Wild West wargaming. It would also be a perfect bit of kit for any 19th-century colonial gaming.

Brigade Games Bringing The Little Bighorn To Kickstarter


Brigade Games are going to be coming to Kickstarter soon (14th September) with a brand new collection of 28mm miniatures for use in the Plains Wars. If you're someone who's always wanted to play out the events of Little Bighorn, this is going to be worth taking a look at!

Grab Historical Cavalry & Deadly Halflings From Wargames Atlantic


Wargames Atlantic have added a few new 3D Printable kits to their Atlantic Digital offerings over on MyMiniFactory. You can get your hands on a new 28mm Fantasy kit alongside three Historical kits and a handy set which would be great for pretty much any game.

Paint The Town Red With New Little Wars TV Ruthless Scenario


Little Wars TV and Brian DeWitt of Mark's Game Room have created a new scenario for those wanting to play out High Plains Drifter on the tabletop. Paint The Town Red for their Wild West wargame, Ruthless, is available to snap up now.

Knuckleduster Bring A Trio Of Rockers To Gunfighter’s Ball


Knuckleduster Miniatures has been previewing a new set of miniatures that will soon be coming to the world of Gunfighter's Ball. These are some sharp-dressed men and I reckon they are going to be getting a lot of lovin'.

1st Corps Bringing Back Battle-Flag’s Old West 28mm Terrain


1st Corps has announced that they are going to be re-releasing the Battle-Flag Old West Terrain as part of their own 28mm collection. They are going to be going back to Trinity and bringing a range of buildings back to tabletops one at a time.

Stop Off At Charlie Foxtrot Models’ 28mm New World Station


Charlie Foxtrot Models have released a new piece of terrain for you to use in your 28mm Historical wargames. The New World Station looks like it would be great for those seeking to build tabletops for American Civil War and Wild West wargames.

Dead By Lead; New Wild West Wargame In Newest BLASTER Mag


The newest BLASTER Mag is now available for folks to dive into and this time around, the focus is on a brand new 28mm Wild West wargame. Dead By Lead has you locking and loading your revolvers and getting ready to blast your way through a boomtown on the American frontier.

Start A Wild West Bar Brawl With Knuckleduster Miniatures


Knuckleduster Miniatures showed off some new sneak peeks of what's coming to the webstore soon. Their Gunfighter's Ball collection of Wild West miniatures gets drunk with some Saloon Sluggers leading the way for the July.

Get Into A Shootout In Sarissa’s Classy 28mm Old West Hotel


Sarissa Precision has dropped another big piece of terrain onto their webstore with the Old West Hotel that includes an interior! Head inside, grab a drink and then get into a fistfight with the local drunks over some allegations of cheating over a hand of poker.

Waiting For Warhammer: The Old World? You Could Play The Ninth Age Instead! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Why would you wait for Warhammer: The Old World when The Ninth Age, an amazing community-led wargaming project, exists and gives you access to all of the mass battle Fantasy goodness that you could want? You also get to play with whatever miniatures you like!

Mount Up In A Wild West Wagon With Great Escape Games


Great Escape Games have been doing great stuff with their plastic kits of late for Dead Man's Hand. Keeping up with that, they recently previewed a new 28mm Wild West Wagon that would be great for those seeking to dive into some scenario-based play!

Warbases Preview New 15mm Wild West Cactus Creek Terrain


Warbases have announced that they are going to be downsizing their Cactus Creek Wild West terrain to 15mm so you can use it for some smaller-scale shootouts on the tabletop.

Cut Out Some Rootin’ Tootin’ Peter’s Paperboys Cowboys!


Peter's Paperboys released some brand new papercraft sets for you to get stuck into and cut up. Get your scissors and glue ready and prepare to snap up a bunch of 28mm paper miniatures for this Wild West wargaming trend that we seem to find ourselves in the midst of.

Empress Show Some True Grit With New 28mm Wild West Miniatures


Empress Miniatures have recently added a bunch of new 28mm characters to their Wild Bunch line-up, a great option for those seeking to dive into some Wild West action on the tabletop. All of these new characters have some True Grit to them as they take to the frontier. 

New Gangs Join Great Escape’s The Chicago Way & Dead Man’s Hand


Great Escape Games are going to be releasing four new gangs for you to use across two of their 28mm Historical wargames. You'll find new miniatures on the way for Dead Man's Hand and The Chicago Way! 

Too Fat Lardies Get Into A Shootout With What A Cowboy!


Too Fat Lardies are now taking pre-orders for their new Wild West skirmish game, What A Cowboy! The rules will be available later in April and will offer up a quick and fun way for you to dive into some shootouts on the frontier. 

FREE Rules For Warhammer 40K 10th Edition! Has GW Nailed It This Time? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! This week, we're looking at all of the news coming out of Adepticon for Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Age Of Sigmar, Kill Team and more. The BIG news was the announcement of Warhammer 40k 10th Edition which is going to be starting with FREE Rules for everyone!

BattleTech Fan? Try Steel Rift! Exploring The Stunning Mech Miniatures Range #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! If you're a fan of BattleTech then you might want to check out the awesome Steel Rift from Ash Barker which has an absolutely stunning mech miniatures range!

Get Into A Shootout With Old Glory’s 25mm Wild West Sets


Old Glory has added some 25mm Wild West miniatures to their webstore for you to use in some classic Old West shootouts. There are two sets for you to choose from that can be used to represent both the bad guys and good guys in your tabletop games.

Cult Of Games XLBS: The Perfect Tools For A Hobby Workshop?


Join us for a new episode of Cult Of Games XLBS! In this week's episode, we ask about what kind of tools you could add to your hobby-focused workshop. Do you agree with some of the big tool ideas that we're discussing here?

Knuckleduster Head To Gunpowder Gulch With New Miniatures!


Knuckleduster Miniatures have been showing off their newest set of Gunfighter's Ball miniatures that are going to be popping up on their webstore soon! This time around, the Wild West adventures are heading to Gunpowder Gulch. 

Arbites Return To Warhammer! 40K & Age Of Sigmar Get AWESOME New Reveals! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! The big LVO reveal happened this week and that means AWESOME new reveals for Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. The BIG one was that Arbites are returning to 40K in the newest Kill Team set.

The Unforgiven Join Empress Miniatures’ Wild West Range


A new set of characters have been added to Empress Miniatures' Wild West collection. The Wild Bunch has expanded with some fun new personalities and a cast of characters that might end up getting in the way of a gunfight or two.

Black Sheep Miniatures Release First Wild West Models!


Black Sheep Miniatures have now started selling their first range of models for use in your 28mm wargames. The Wild West is the focus of their first set of releases including cowboys, bandits, bank robbers and more.

Is Oldhammer The Best Warhammer? Why Are Classic Miniatures So Popular? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! Is Oldhammer the best kind of Warhammer? We dive into a discussion on why classic wargaming miniatures are so popular and where the charm for those old-school miniatures comes from.

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