1st Corps Bringing Back Battle-Flag’s Old West 28mm Terrain

August 9, 2023 by brennon

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1st Corps has announced that they are going to be re-releasing the Battle-Flag Old West Terrain as part of their own 28mm collection. They are going to be going back to Trinity and bringing a range of buildings back to tabletops one at a time.

La Maison Rogue - 1st Corps

La Maison Rogue // 1st Corps

A couple of the terrain kits that are on the way have already been showcased by 1st Corps. For example, you could hang out in the bordello known as La Maison Rogue with your fellow outlaws. This seems like the perfect place for one of your gang to be interrupted in the bath in the midst of a shootout.

You've also got the Old West Gunsmith's Building, a place that you would not want to rob! I like the idea of a fight being played out in the town and each turn, you roll for the Gunsmith to see if he barges out with shotgun in hand, ready to deal with all manner of miscreants that have annoyed him that day.

Old West Gunsmiths Building - 1st Corps

Old West Gunsmith's Building // 1st Corps

The kits will come unpainted so you'll want to get the brush out to bring these to life but it's nice to have more options when it comes to terrain. The team at 1st Corps are going to be working through the original Battle-Flag range and slowly but surely adding them to their webstore.

A good set of options for those looking to snap up more Old West terrain?

"...you could hang out in the bordello known as La Maison Rogue with your fellow outlaws"

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