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1st Corps Pictish Spearmen Stand With Spears At The Ready


1st Corp is adding to their collection of Ancient/Dark Age warriors with some new Pictish Spearmen.

Set Up A Pulp Car Chase With 1st Corps New Speedsters


1st Corps has set the scene for an epic car chase in a Pulp setting with some new Speedsters on their webstore.

Armoured Medieval Leaders Hit The Battlefield From 1st Corps


1st Corps and Curteys Miniatures has added some new metal Medieval Knights to their collection, each of them leaders in their own right.

Curteys Miniatures Looks Ahead To New Arthurian Miniatures


Curteys Miniatures has previewed some of what’s ahead for their range of Arthurian warriors. It looks like we might have Aetius & Arthur themselves leading the way…

Watch Out For The Cavalry Charge From 1st Corps Romano British


1st Corps are going to be expanding on their Arthurian collection soon with some more Romano-British. This will take the form of their Heavy Cavalry that you see below…

1st Corps Reinforce Your Thracian Army With New Soldiers


1st Corps has put together another new release of Ancient-era warriors to fight against the forces of Rome. Here we have some Thracian Warriors with Javelins & Shields.

Set Up World War II Airborne Objectives With 1st Corps


If you’re looking to put together a scenario for the British Airborne during World War II then these kinds of Supply & Drop Markers from 1st Corps might be quite handy.

1st Corps Head Off To Solve Mysteries With New Heroes & Villains


If you like solving a mystery or two then these new 25/28mm sets from 1st Corps might be just what you need. Based on some famous faces you can now head off on a proper adventure.

Aim Pictish Bows & Crossbows At The Enemy With Curteys


1st Corp, or Curteys Miniatures, have some more Picts on the way to bolster your warband which will be raiding and pillaging across the land.

1st Corps Pictish Warriors Prepare For The Attack


1st Corps have shown off some more of their Picts which have been collected together as Warriors Attacking. Do you need a horde of warriors to defend your home?

Pictish Champions Fight For Honour From 1st Corps


Some great new Pictish Champions have been added to the webstore for 1st Corps as they look at expanding on the characters you can add to your Ancient force.

1st Corp Armour Up With New Hoplites & Pict Commanders


1st Corp has a pair of new kits for your Ancient battles across the wilds of Celtic Briton and the battlefields of Greece too.

1st Corps Brings A New Dark Age/British Romano Church To The Table


1st Corps has added a wonderful new building to their terrain range. The Dark Age/British Romano Church will sit quite happily in many 28mm historical settings and make itself quite a tempting place for your Vikings to raid!