Knock Out The Enemy With New Pak36 Anti-Tank Gun

June 6, 2019 by cassn

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The Pak 36 Anti-Tank Gun was first used in the Spanish Civil War, where it performed well against the light tanks which featured in the conflict. However, the Pak36 struggled to fight against the French and British heavy tanks - receiving the nickname "door-knocker" for its inability to penetrate the tank's thick armor.


Now, 1st Corps Miniatures have produced a 1/48th scale metal Pak 36 Anti-Tank Gun for use on the tabletop. The set comes with four crewmen to operate the artillery who can drive it ever forward into battle against one of the many opposition forces it encountered during its use in multiple wars.


I really like the dynamic posing on the crewmen who are operating the Pak 36 on this model - there is an urgency in the faces which reflects the real intensity of decisions made on the battlefield. The Pak 36 Anti-Tank Gun is a great miniature to own because it is incredibly versatile and has been used in a number of conflicts which can be recreated on the tabletop.


So if you want to pierce a Polish tank, stop the Spanish forces, or just give the French and English foes a good knocking, check out the Pak 36 on the 1st Corps website.

What conflict would you use this piece of artillery for? Tell us below!

"Incredibly versatile!"

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