Join 1st Corps’ SAS On Their Next 28mm Raid

February 9, 2024 by brennon

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1st Corps has recently released a new set of 28mm SAS miniatures for those diving into some Modern wargames set during the 1980s. There are three teams for you to choose from, all armed and ready to storm embassies and take our terrorist organisations.

SAS Blue Team - 1st Corps

SAS Blue Team //1st Corps

Red, Blue and White team are all armed with MP5s and are clad in the equipment that they would have used in the likes of the Iranian Embassy siege and beyond. They are also wearing S6 respirators and black coveralls to make them look suitably badass. Each of them also wears a flak jacket and a degree of body armour on their lower half.

SAS Red Team - 1st Corps

SAS Red Team // 1st Corps

I think these look great and should be a lot of fun for folks to get painted up for their games. Tackling that amount of black might be solved with a good drybrush of lighter colours over their clothes and the odd spot colour here and there to draw the eye. I like the strips of red you get here and there too.

SAS White Team - 1st Corps

SAS White Team // 1st Corps

The Internal Security Operations range from 1st Corps contains a bunch of additional Cold War-era miniatures for you to snap up and use on the tabletop. That means that if you're looking to do some rescue missions or something else, you should be able to find miniatures to suit.

Will you be scooping up these SAS miniatures?

"Red, Blue and White team are all armed with MP5s..."

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