1st Corps Marshal New Civil War Officers & Troops For The Tabletop

May 12, 2020 by brennon

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1st Corps has been looking to add to their Civil War collection from both sides of the Atlantic with new options for both the English and American Civil War. We start with good ol' Blighty and their Artillery Officer With Telescope & Assistant.

-5eba6886bd86e--5eba6886bd86fArtillery Officer With Telescope & Assisstant - 1st Corps.jpg

This fellow, as his title would suggest, is looking to see what range the enemy is at and preparing the crews to fire their guns. One would assume that you'd have to be pretty good at your job in order to make sure that the artillery was used correctly so I take my floppy hat off to this fellow. He also comes with a dogsbody who seems to have been laden down with all of the extra kit he would need.

I see that he has also managed to smuggle a bottle of something fun and funky into his satchel for when you need a tipple. The Civil War is yet another period that I am absolutely fascinated by, mainly thanks to my Dad telling me all about it when I was younger. It would be fun to play a skirmish game based during this time too!

Across The Pond

As well as the Officer above, we also have the Marines/Regulars Marching Wearing Frock Coats.

Regulars In Frock Coats - 1st Corps

These fellows could be used to represent Union or Confederate Marines but they also allow you to represent regular troops in Frock Coats as well too. If you're looking to put together a big band of soldiers then this would be a good start. They are actually fairly easy to paint too with their deep blue coats and white trousers. Then, you also just need to work on the details of the rifles and faces and you're done.

Are you going to be delving in and checking out these two options for the Civil War, whichever period it might be for?

"...I take my floppy hat off to this fellow"

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