1st Corps Get You Set For English & American Civil Wars

March 18, 2020 by brennon

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1st Corps is keeping the Civil War going on the tabletop, be it in America or in England. We start with the English Civil War as we take a peek at some new cavalry elements which were added into the mix quite recently to their webstore.

English Civil War Cavalry Command - 1st Corps

Leading the way we have the rather aptly named English Civil War Cavalry Command which are available in both galloping and walking poses. There are sword and pistol options for the officers and then you have both a musician and banner bearer in the mix too. As you can see, there are both Cavalier and Roundhead options in the set allowing you to lead the way for both sides of the conflict.

Floppy But Fancy Hats!

The team there also recently added their English Civil War Cavalry With Brimmed Hats into the mix too. Each of them has their flashy and floppy hats and swords at the ready, getting primed for a charge as they batter aside unfortunate enemy troops!

English Civil War Cavalry With Brimmed Hats - 1st Corps

The kit is looking rather neat and I like the motion that the sculptors have worked into the poses. They look perfect as a moment captured in time as the riders charge forward into the fray. I think mounted options are always hard to create as you have to make both the mount and rider look like they're doing something cinematic but also realistic.

American Artillery Crews

Moving beyond the English Civil War we can also hop forward in time to the American Civil War and the work that 1st Corps has done on Artillery Crews.

American Civil War Artillery Crews - 1st Corps

This kit has been upgraded and updated to cover both sides of the conflict and also give you various alternative options for building your artillery crews. The heads have been given more detail and the poses have been varied so that you get a more dynamic-looking set of support troops on the back lines.

I actually think that the Civil War(s) might be a really fascinating period to play in, especially the English Civil War. I was always told about it by my Dad who took us around a lot of castles when we were younger. Corfe in Dorset stands out in my mind, a castle which was blasted by the Parliamentarians after a long siege so that it could never be used as a defensive position again.

Are you interested in these periods of history?

"Are you interested in these periods of history?"

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