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The Armies Of The Union & Confederacy Take Shape On Kickstarter


A. G. Wilson of AW Miniatures has launched a new Kickstarter to create a range of miniatures for the Union and Confederate troops of the American Civil War.

Weekender XLBS: Crafting Fallout Power Armour + Your Landmark Tabletop Games


Welcome to the Weekender!

Studio Capitan Bring Comrades In Battle To Kickstarter


Studio Capitan is on Kickstarter right now looking for funding for their rules set, Comrades In Battle, which is set up for 28mm skirmish gaming during the American Civil War.

Union Skirmishers Join The Fighting From Perry Miniatures


Perry Miniatures continue to preview what's coming for their American Civil War range. This time, they're focusing in on the Union Skirmishers.

March With The Union Infantry By Perry Miniatures


Perry Miniatures have another big box of plastic infantry for you this time themed around the American Civil War. Will you be picking up the Union Infantry?

Streetscape: 28mm Resin And MDF Buildings Hit Kickstarter


Slug Industries: Wargaming has a new Kickstarter for some really neat terrain that consists of mdf and resin.

New Releases Span The Centuries For Baccus 6MM


Small scale specialist Baccus 6MM have some new releases that span generations.

Shout Glory, Hallelujah! For Warlord’s New Black Powder Book


Warlord Games have another sourcebook on the way for Black Powder. This one takes you into the midst of the American Civil War between 1861 – 1865.

American Civil War Releases Coming Soon From Perry Miniatures


Perry Miniatures have previewed some of the upcoming American Civil War models that will be popping up on tabletops soon. This is certainly becoming a rather popular area of wargaming...

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