Aid The Wounded & Signal Artillery For Epic Scale American Civil War

August 17, 2023 by brennon

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Warlord Games have expanded their range of American Civil War miniatures for use in Black Powder Epic Battles. This range of 13.5mm miniatures can be used to enhance your armies, aid the wounded and bring in some artillery from afar.

Field Ambulance - Black Powder Epic Battles NEW

Field Ambulance // Black Powder: Epic Battles

Leading the way, we have the Field Ambulance which is pretty self explanatory! The Letterman system was used to evacuate casualties from the field of battle and due to some of the advancements in medicine at the time, countless soldiers had their lives saved. These Field Ambulances were dedicated crews with hefty wagons and would often find themselves in danger as they tried to get the wounded out of dodge.

If you're very much in the mindset of causing as much chaos as possible then you might want to use a Signal Tower.

Signal Corps Tower - Black Powder Epic Battles NEW

Signal Corps Tower // Black Powder: Epic Battles

This can be used to represent either the Confederates or the Union who would both uses these towers for the gathering of intelligence as well as observing the battlefield and directing artillery fire to where it needs to be. Pop one of these at the back of each of your battlefields and perhaps make it an objective that the enemy can take with some sneaky scouts and infiltrators.

The signals were usually given via large flags or torches using a system called "Wig Wag". Fun! Explosive; but fun!

Talking of artillery, you can also call in a Siege Mortar Battery to provide support during your battles.

Siege Mortar Battery - Black Powder Epic Battles NEW

Siege Mortar Battery // Black Powder: Epic Battles

As the name might suggest, the siege mortars were used for turning fortifications into rubble and blasting apart the defences of the enemy. As well as being useful in offence, they could also be used in defence to drop explosives onto those trying to set up a siege and attack your fortifications.

They could fire a whopping 2,225 yards but they were most effective at 800 yards and below. Both the Union and the Confederates used these and they could well be the way you crack that next fort you come up against in battle.

All of the miniatures here come in Warlord Resin and look like they should be good for using with either side in the American Civil War.

Will you be picking these up?

"If you're very much in the mindset of causing as much chaos as possible then you might want to use a Signal Tower..."

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